Rumor Smashed: Sony Did Not Raise PS3 Prices

Best Buy and Future Shop may have jacked up the price of a PS3 on our northern neighbors from C$659.99 to C$699.99, but it wasn't an ill-advised cash grab on Sony's part. An SCEC representative confirmed that Sony didn't nudge the price skywards; individual retailers made the choice to do so.

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shotty4334d ago

Its was due to the canadian dollar falling slightly in value, im guessing both futureshop and bestbuy were starting to lose money for a unit sold and that force them to raise the systems price.

Captain Tuttle4334d ago

The customer get screwed. It's puts the PS3 out of the reach of even more people.

Apocalypse Shadow4334d ago

another fanboy rumor smashed and all of the other fanboys run under the covers like cowards.

Harry4333d ago

How is it a fanboy rumour?

It happened.

MikeGdaGod4333d ago

Where are all the goofs on here that was talkin all crazy bout how sony wants even more money? You people believe everything you read and interpret it to your own ideas. The price went up so it means sony was behind it. Yeah right.