PCS Collectibles Has More Than Just a Chun-Li Statue

PCS Collectible's Chun-Li statue recently became internet famous, but that's not the company's only statue. Many are far more impressive (and expensive).

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DivineAssault 379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

So damn awesome.. I wish i had the disposable income for a room with statues of this quality.. Where was the Chul Li?

aarogree379d ago

Not at Comic Con, sadly. But who needs Chun-Li when you got the Green freakin' Ranger.

MunchMiller00379d ago

Um..... anyone who doesn't suffer from brain damage? Power Rangers? Really? Are you 5? ROFL

aarogree378d ago

Oh Munch, did you even see the Green Ranger statue? It's badassitude incarnate.

brianparker379d ago

I wish i had the cash for some statues :( They are soooo coool :DDDD

jessicalewis2k17378d ago

yepp expensive :((( I want one who will sponsor me? :DDD