Xbox One X's Albert Penello impressed and 'surprised' by PS4 Pro

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made, but coming a year after the PS4 Pro, we wondered if Microsoft was concerned about being seen as a bit late to the party. But Albert Penello, who leads marketing for Xbox consoles globally, told MCV that he was full of admiration for the PS4 Pro:

Deep-throat2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

I am not impressed by the Pro because it ain't pro enough!

No, the console is fine but it's weird Sony didn't bother updating their big games...

Uncharted collection
Gravity Rush remaster
God of War 3 remaster
Killzone shadow fall
Until Dawn

WePlayDirty2244d ago

"It's weird Sony didn't bother updating their big games"...

It's the developers that choose to update their games.

Bigpappy2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

All of the games he mentioned are PS4 exclusives. I agree with him. Sony has enough influence to keep content off of other consoles, but cant even get their w exclusives updated?

Can't let you put this one on developers.

Deep-throat2244d ago

Bro I'm pretty sure that's Sony's decision. They can hire any studio to update their games for the Pro.

S2Killinit2243d ago

But you should be impressed considering they are killing the competition by offering...games.

Death2243d ago


I was under the impression it was the larger global appeal. Game sales don't justify your opinion since we see how many these games sell and how sales impacted some of the developers. Attach rates between PS4 and its closest competitor are the same. I'm not sure how you can conclude releasing more games resulted in higher sales.

Cryptcuzz2243d ago


I'm sure there developers are busy creating new exclusive games rather than updating old games that have been released prior to the Pro's release. Almost all, if not all those franchise mentioned are already having their next game developed now and you can bet that it'll have Pro support.

Skillz12152243d ago Show
bouzebbal2243d ago

i've got to agree with him on this one..
developers do the update, but the publisher pays the ressources. not sure you know the difference developer/publisher.
i am also surprised not many 1st party titles are patched.

Unspoken2243d ago

No good counter arguments from the Pony's. Just means they are losing...and sore at that.

Those tears are delicious, but they won't make the PS4 any more powerful.

FoxyGotGame2243d ago

@UNSPOKEN "No good counter arguments from the Pony's. Just means they are losing...and sore at that.
Those tears are delicious, but they won't make the PS4 any more powerful."

MSFT show admiration to Sony for PS4 Pro and all the likes of you can do is bare your insecurities in what amounts to nothing more than imaginary console fanboy warfare. Whether kiddin' or not, you've displayed true embarrassment to the game community ...


pinkcrocodile752243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

@WePlayDirty I'm happy for you to say it's not Sony's fault, just down to the developers because that is the exact same rule of thumb for Microsoft. 4k@60 is always down to the developers for all vendors so Sony and Microsoft's job was to build a system they believe would do the job and its now down to the developers to make their games shine, not Sony's and no Microsoft's. End of!

spreadlove2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

If it is the developers that choose to update their games, then developers seem to prefer to update Xbox games for the power of Xbox One X. I wonder why. Is it because it is so much more awesome somehow on Xbox?

Captain_Tom2243d ago

I don't buy that at all. Sony is the leader of their own ecosystem and it is up to them to take the initiative and simply tell devs they need to update these games.

2243d ago
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DivineAssault 2244d ago

Some devs get incentives but most of them choose to do this.. Practice for next gen as well as making their game more appealing..

k2d2243d ago

Not at all weird if MS opts to go the extra mile to polish their xbox 360 for xbox one x..

On the other hand - why should Sony spend money and resources on PS3 upgrades, when they can focus on new PS4 Pro titles? It's not like they've got MS breathing down their necks quite yet..

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WePlayDirty2244d ago


Whatever influence Sony has to keep content off other consoles has nothing to do with developers updating their games for PS4 Pro.

Games released before the Pro came out are supported with the Boost Mode feature on the Pro.

Outside_ofthe_Box2244d ago

You're not impressed by the Pro, but have no qualms or suggestions to improve the hardware...

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lukferr2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

You know what they are doing without a doubt? FOCUSING nearly all of their attention on NEW Exclusives. More massive games that can only be played on Playstation. Horizon Zero Dawn is the best looking open-world game this generation. Just breath takingly amazing. PS4 is where it's at. This is my opinion of course, but it's an opinion shared by the vast majority of gamers.

Kavorklestein2243d ago

Actually, out of that VAST majority you speak of, only about 10% bought HZD. More people chose PS4 for performance. An edge Ps4 AND Pro are about to lose.. whether by an inch or by a mile... these days, power wins.
Exclusives are the last hurrah of people trying to de-value competition and general enjoyment.
The best gamers see value everywhere they look.
Fanboy losers see nothing more than reasons to hate on everyone/everything till they die.

lukferr2243d ago

@ Kavoklestein, who in the hell said they were choosing PS4 for the performance boost? They chose it because of Playstation's history and brand name and what that means for games in general.
I also meant that the vast majority of gamers think PS4 is better than Xbox console. Because it is.

Kavorklestein2239d ago

I actually think playstation is great and I would totally get one if I didnt already have xbox. Someday I'll definitely have both. But Oh well life goes on haha we all have our own way of seeing value and preference.

MrFisher212243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

You really went out of your way to name actual big games. And they all did get updates. Lmao. And bloodborne is helped by boost mode. I can confirm that.

Kavorklestein2243d ago

I'm oh So glad I can count on you to confirm that.

ocelot072243d ago

Do have to agree about Sony not giving a Pro patch to some of their own first party titles. Mostly Uncharted Collection, Until Dawn, Driveclub and Bloodborne is the real kicker considering DS3 got a pro patch and greatly benefited from it in my opinion.

Elda2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

I'm a Pro owner & I agree knowing most of those games are owned by Sony. Especially Bloodborne & Driveclub.

letsa_go2243d ago

I don't agree with your first statement because the Xbox One X is only "slightly better" than the PS4 Pro. (Am I doing it right?)

However I do agree that Sony should update all those games. All the games your mention are First Party titles (minus bloodborne) so there is no reason why they can't enable higher graphics settings. I definitely think driveclub would benefit, even though the developer is no longer around. There has to be someone at Sony that can patch it.

Ju2243d ago

Of course. The Janitor. Anybody can do it

letsa_go2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

@Ju You aren't wrong. Theoretically, a janitor can move a few sliders in the video settings. More than likely though it would be a config file that you manually edit the entries.

and haha no thumbs up? Do you sony fanboys not want these games patched or something? I am confused. I have a ps4 pro and own the majority of these games, and would love to play them at higher than 1080p. Or play Driveclub at 60fps. Why would you not want that too?

Or did I upset the xbox fanboys for saying "DA BEAST" is only slightly better than ps4 pro? Just using your favorite term from the first 4 years of this generation, and your explanation of the 40% more GPU horsepower on the base PS4.

Razzer2243d ago

How about Forza 5/6, MCC, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Gears of War Ultimate. Did they get 1X support?

Rude-ro2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Pssssst... because they spend time and money making new games while the old games still are impressive. That is what happens when you deal with a game developing company.
Unlike Xbox that never even hit this gen, now, their old library of sub hd games will be this gen if you buy their new hardware.
Is it really that hard to understand?