Iron Harvest Dev on Xbox One X’s 12GB RAM: ‘Never Such A Thing As Enough Memory, Ever’

King Art Games' Julian Strzoda says the differences "won't be huge" though.

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Bigpappy2469d ago

Sounds like a toned down session to me. Of course having more and better defined texture will be dramatic. That has been the major difference between video cards for years, along with shaders. Having better texture also affect how well HDR is implemented. But in 4 weeks we will be seeing if there is any difference worth discussing.

freshslicepizza2469d ago

It's the available memory game developers can use that matters and the XB1X finally gives them ample memory.

rainslacker2468d ago

Except it's a very old concept in computing that one can never have enough memory, or power for that matter. It's not even a concept for just gaming. When you have either, it gets used, and the dev wants more, to do more.

It's not a knock on the system, just one of the oldest concepts in computing.

bluefox7552468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Power yes, memory no. It's relatively cheap to have more than enough memory, even Vram now as well. Cards like the RX 480 cost a mere $200, and have 8gb vram. More than enough for any game. If you're talking specifically consoles, then perhaps it's a more legitimate point, since consoles never really go high end on anything.

rainslacker2468d ago

For the most part, a lot of non-gaming or non-server applications are OK nowadays without tons of memory. The idea of "not enough memory" stems back from when we were looking at 64K-1MB of memory. Games, or graphics intensive application like video editing or what not will use up whatever is available, and generally, you can never have enough. System itself will obviously limit how much can go into it, but it's still an old adage in computing.

I will agree though, that having "enough" memory for most general purpose computing nowadays is pretty darn cheap, especially compared to about 10+ years ago.

I wasn't really speaking about consoles specifically, but I'd say more would always be welcome. However, when designing a game that is taken into account, and early builds tend to never have enough memory until optimization happens.

spreadlove2468d ago

There comes a time when Human Resources to build out the detail bof comes to lengthy and costly.

Unspoken2468d ago

What is this ancient wisdom you speak of? Where could MS possibly gather years of experience with implementing RAM...?

rainslacker2467d ago


It's not so much an ancient wisdom, rather a long standing programming meme. It dates back to the first computers, which were always strapped for RAM. While it's not so much an issue nowadays for most users or programmers for a good number of applications, when it comes to things like video editing, server applications, media production, graphic work, and of course gaming, it's still a common belief that you can never have enough.

Unspoken2467d ago

I'm sorry, I was alluding to the "640kB ought to be enough for anybody" rumored quote by Billy G.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2469d ago

This is true. When it comes to RAM, no such thing as over kill

bluefox7552468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

That's absurd. You think people with gaming rigs that have 64gb RAM ever come close that? Or even half way? Of course not. Hell, I doubt there's any game that even maxes 16gb currently. It wouldn't even make sense to do that for future proofing, because by the time any game needs that kind of memory, the rest of the PC hardware will be obsolete. Not to mention the Ram itself. Even high end video cards rarely max out their Vram.

rainslacker2468d ago

If you have more than the system can access based on the limits of the actual system, then that'd be overkill.:)


The reason no games use more than that is because most systems don't use more than 8GB for system memory, with the video memory usually being much less.

bluefox7552468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

You could make that argument about any spec though. My point is, a PC will max out its CPU and GPU LONG before it maxes out it's ram, or even Vram to a lesser extent. Modern PCs allow 64gb or even 128gb of memory, no one ever buys this much (except the diehards), because it's pointless.

@moldy No, not really. Having upgraded from 4gb to 8gb Vram in the past, it really doesn't make that much of a noticeable difference with what you see in game. To be fair though, X1X is a mid-gen update, so I don't think anyone is expecting a huge difference.

freshslicepizza2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

XB1X - 9GB of available ram
PS4 Pro - 4.5GB plus 1GB (slower ram), total 5.5GB of available ram
PS4 - 4.5GB of available ram
Xbox One - 5GB of available ram (slower ram)

As we can see the XB1X is quite a jump

rainslacker2468d ago


Whether it maxes out it's CPU before the RAM is highly dependent on the application. If you mean that a system CPU will max out before modern systems can max out the available RAM.

For those curious, I think the maximum amount of memory theoretically available for a 32 bit system is something like 16-17 exobytes. However, the design of modern CPU, and their controllers limit it to something like 8 Terabytes.

With those numbers, I'd say you are definately right, that the CPU's processes would be consumed trying to handle anywhere near that much data, long before that memory could be filled up, however, a CPU doesn't always access everything in memory all the time, so depending on the application, it could be faster for quickly accessing different types of data. HOwever, we'd be talking about applications which are very specific to requiring that much space, such as video editing or maybe server applications, and I don't know of any computer which actually comes anywhere close to using the theoretical limits, and only specialized systems which may use the physical limit of a modern computer CPU/controller chips.


Never said it wasn't a jump. Was just being snarky with my reply to the OP.

freshslicepizza2468d ago

"@moldy No, not really. Having upgraded from 4gb to 8gb Vram in the past, it really doesn't make that much of a noticeable difference with what you see in game. To be fair though, X1X is a mid-gen update, so I don't think anyone is expecting a huge difference."

You are talking about ram on the GPU compared to system ram. Most people don't need more than 16GB of system memory unless you do a lot of video editing (especailly 4K) or use memory hog applications but 8GB is no longer recommended. Videocards now exceed over 10gb of memory.

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OMGitzThatGuy2468d ago

There is overkill when RAM is involved. Its when devs have to make sure that the lowest common denominator is still supported. Base X1 and PS4 and Pro still only have 8gb of ram so X1X will not see any gameplay improvement because of ram besides 4k textures. Which is the main reason PS4 Pro doesnt get 4k textures, because development starts on base PS4 and when it is maxed out it leaves no room to apply 4k textures for the Pro version. Unless you do multiple things at once on your PC, 16gb is plenty for all use cases. 32gb is completely overkill, and near future proof.

Death2468d ago

Your conclusion is flawed. If you look at PC you can see games support multiple memory configurations without using a lowest common denominator. Fidelity increases with higher available resources. More memory will give higher quality textures, increased resolution and less pop in/further draw distances.

PS4 gets less 4K textures because the hardware has more limitations and development isn't as friendly as it is with Xbox One, X and PC.

OMGitzThatGuy2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

And still, most current gen PC games usually run on 8gb with recommend at maybe 16gb. You will barely find games that come close to 16gb and it is usually a worst case scenario spec. And how does PC not use lowest common denominator? Most PC games are targeting 8gb systems because that is the average on Steam hardware surveys. You will rarely see games with 16gb as the minimum because it is not the LCD. When you see "Minimum Specs" that basically means LCD.

Skillz12152468d ago

@death what you were saying was making sense until you said the Xbox one x is more development friendly then the PlayStation. There both x86 architecture so that’s a load of bull what your spewing from your gums

rainslacker2468d ago

The added memory is for the larger textures which will be used. Game play wouldn't likely be that influenced by the increase in memory because it takes up a relatively small portion of the available memory to store all those variables and what not.

The reason the PS4 doesn't get 4K textures is more because the GPU doesn't support the rendering of them with as much efficiency, and there's no reason to use them unless the game is actually rendered at a higher resolution.

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B1uBurneR2468d ago

Well at least they have 9 inch long to play with... per say if we were using metrics.

MegamanXXX2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

That sucks hopefully next gen consoles will have around 16 to 32GB of ram