Is it true? Devil May Cry 4 coming to the 360

In the latest issue of Playstation Magazine there is an article discussing the future of Devil May Cry 4 and whether it will remain a PS3 exclusive. PSM is reporting that Capcom will be showing some more Microsoft love and will be bringing the series to the Xbox 360.

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FirstknighT4915d ago

Capcom has found a new console of choice!!! And that is the 360! Expect DMC and other exclusives to join the party!

True Gamer4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

Mods should remove this news post.

marionz4914d ago

mods obviously dont care about your stoopid comment, DMC for 360! just announce it we all know its gonna happen, even sony faboys know it thats why they are gettin so heated up over it!

R34GTR4915d ago

"" yupp. thats it. This one should land right underneath "microsoft is buying capcom" they rank about same height on the BS. meter. Here is some real news from a real non biased source. chomp down on this fanboys. I hope this thread makes it to mainstream you the M$ fanboys could get one last good one. Cause things are changing keep beating that denial. Its gunna bite you in the ass comes march.

Real News--->

DJ4915d ago

even amongst gamers who prefer the 360. The fact that 360 owners are more excited about PS3 titles than 360 titles says a lot about what Sony and their respective developers are putting out for that system. Some of them even go so far as to make predictions about which PS3 titles are going to go multiplatform on end up on the 360 as well.

I don't see PS3 fans making rumors about 360 titles crossing over, so it looks like Sony's doing a better job with their games, at least at this point in time.

TheMART4915d ago

Hahahaa trying to twist the facts again DJ?

You don't see any news about 360 titles crossing over, because there aren't so many coming the PS3 way

The other way around they're running over:

GTA, Assassins Creed, Unreal Tournament 3, Fatal Inertia, Virtua Fighter 5, Resident Evil 5...

DMC4 will be announced soon by Capcom, after their huge success with Dead Rising and Lost Planet on the 360. Konami is 3rd party developer also, MGS isn't paid off by Sony which isn't smart. We've seen MGS2 already on XBOX 1, so it could be very, very logical.

And DJ I am not excited for those titles, but it's always good to have more choice. I'd rather go for Gears of War, COD3 (that one is better on the 360 also), Forza 2, Bioshock (ya ain't getting any piece of that either, are you), Halo 3, Halo Wars, Fable 2, Rainbow Six and FNR3 (also better version on 360)

BIadestarX4915d ago

"PS3 titles"?????? DJ, are you telling me that Capcom is a 1st party developer and that all their games are guarantee to be PS3 exclusives? I would think that with all the time you spend on this site you would know the difference between a first party developer and exclusives IPs.
You out of people should know that 3rd party developers' IPs are always at risk of jumping becoming cross-platform. Take the so called Sony's AAA killers, "Metal Gear" wasn't that game released first on Nintendo, then PSone, PS2 and XBox? Why do you keep calling it "PS3's"? How about Final Fantasy? Wasnt first released on Nintendo, then Super Nintendo, didn 't the game cube get a FF? didnt the DS get FFIII?
There is one thing that all these 3rd party developers have in common; at some point they ALL, I repeat ALL jump consoles when they predict they will not be making money. Lots of the so called "Sony's" IP as you called them since there were exclusive to the Playstation brand are now becomming cross-browser and are even releasing exclusive content. Don't take it personal but it's business. Why don't you call Sony and ask them to buy all the exclusives. Don't you think Sony would be printing on every news paper if these were guarantee exclusives? They know they need all the good news they could get.

All these 3rd party developers that made exclusive games for the PS2 did it because it's install base. Here is how it going to play out:

If the PS3 reaches the 360 installbase then both consoles will share 3rd party games since 3rd party developers have no need to keep them exclusive unless ofcourse Sony or Microsoft pay to keep it exclusive (And we know who got more money)

If Sony installbase does not guarantee that 3rd party developer will make their ROI(return of investment) they will NOT just spend all that money for charity because they love sony, they have families and a responsability towards their investors if they do not want to lose their company. You will see games cancelled for the PS3 or delayed until they believe Sony's installbase is big enough to make their ROI.

It will take Sony until 2010 to win the console war as indicated by those that think they can predict the future. Even if true, do you think developers will make all their games exclusive because Sony is going to win 3-4 years from now?

Juevani4915d ago

get your facts str8.. so I see you stopped postin the made up sales numbers you had, hahaha good, cus if the 360 managed to only sale 4.5 mill. in 15 mounths in its home land than thats a big problem, specialy when PS3 start taking over (real soon) and like your beloved GOW dev said The PS3 is doin better than the 360 when its was launched and dont come with the shortage bs cus Sony had bigger probs and yet they've sold more.. back to the case, yo we got 360 titles now and we'll get all once the PS3 get the fan base its suppose to get by the end of this year (not that we want them but we want to see crack heads like you s1ckin d1ck to get a PS3), MDC is a sh1tty game but still ya'll not gettin it so stop cryin for PS3 games...

Marriot VP4915d ago

"360 owners are more excited about PS3 titles than 360 titles says a lot about what Sony and their respective developers"

and your basing this off of what??? Your constant desire to make yourself feel better about the PS3.

NewZealander4914d ago

more excited about ps3 titles then 360....ummm i dont think so, ps3 has like 2 good games! and yes we will prolly get em! its funny reading what idiots like you have to say, trying to back up the waitstation by saying 360 owners are more excited by ps3 games is LAME! you can keep your delayed downscaled ps3 games, and if we get your 2 good games (and we will) thats all the better for us and it just shows the ps3 for what it is....OVER RATED!

MissAubrey4914d ago (Edited 4914d ago )

Go suck a d1ck already. Hell thats what your avatar looks like its ready to do(open wide)! LOL!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4914d ago

and there are only two games for the PS that I have ever liked DMC and God of War. Thats not this "even amongst gamers who prefer the 360. The fact that 360 owners are more excited about PS3 titles than 360 titles says a lot about what Sony and their respective developers are putting out for that system"

Why do you just make up Sh!t daily? do you have a big list of make believe sh!t you type in your comments everydamday.

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Blu-Print4915d ago

You keep coming at the PS3 like it's not going to sell games. Don't you guys always say that it's the games that sell the system. The PS3 has one AAA exclusiive already and it's been two and a half months since it launched. March is already bringing in some cool, fun games too. When I see the 360's past and upcoming hits, I'm flooded with shooters. When I look at PS3, I see more variation in upcoming exclusive titles. Yes Resistance is a shooter, but come later on there's Motorstorm, Lair, Warhawk and Heavenly Sword which all look fantastic. Give me a list of 360 action titles where a guy isn't wielding a gun.

power of Green 4914d ago (Edited 4914d ago )

It's not that the 360 has a lack of no shooters it's your personal prefference that is why you favor Sony's games.

* Alan Wake

* Elveon

* Fable 2

* Far East of Eden Ziria

* Fusion Frenzy 2

* Grand Raid OffRoad:(listed as PC/Next-gen console's; sence the PC and 360 share things in common this makes my list because the graphics are 4D! "fucin sick" with this title, the PS3 just can't pull of graphics on the same level as the PC/360).


* OverLord

* Project Gotham 4

* WarHammer

* Thesiss

* Ninja Guiden 2(the new one just for the 360).

These are some of the non shooters that seem to have been talked about a little. Nice Avatar Pic.

These titles will be huge!, MS has dozens of title's not known to anybody, so it's kind of silly talking about it when MS knows this is somthing they need to work on.

FirstknighT4914d ago

...I could double your ps3 exclusives with my 360 exclusives without naming a shooter! Easily! I already had this debate with some other sony fanboys...and they failed miserably...

You game??? Anybody else want this challenge?

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