First NES Emulator for Xbox 360 and XNA

'Lone Coder' released the first 'indie' emulator for the Xbox360. No, the Xbox360 is not 'hacked' to run unsigned code (yet) ... 'XNA SharpNES' is made with 'XNA Game Studio Express', the Microsoft dev tool released last month aimed at helping students and hobbyists build games for Windows and the Xbox 360. While the tool is developed to program indie games, and not really made/optimized to make other stuff/applications, it looks like 'Lone Coder' managed to use it to port a NES (8-bit Nintendo) emulator.

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TheSadTruth4910d ago

actually this is the second.. there was one used through media center.. which is probably better and free...

Sidherich4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago )

that first emulator was running on the media center pc and just the video was streamed to the xbox while controlls were sent back to the media center pc

as for the free ... the emulator itself is free as in free beer. in order to run it on your 360 you will need to have a 99$/Year subscription to the XNA Creators Club.

On the other hand you need to have your pc and Game Studio Express up and running to send the game code to the console.

The main difference is that with the new emulator the code is actually executed on the 360 which is a good thing in regards to speed ;)

both emus dont have sound tho

Mikey_Gee4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago )

If I can play some old school Mario games on my 360 ..... I am sold for sure !!!

I have not even seen any XNA stuff in marketplace. Maybe since I have a Canadian Membership .... not sure on the whole XNA details. Do you have to subscribe to DL and play XNA games ???

fjtorres4910d ago (Edited 4910d ago ) currently in sort of a beta where aspiring developers get to share their code and games but only (paid) members of the program have access to the games/programs.
Some time this summer (spring?) the system will open up to the general XBL marketplace so gamers can buy these independent games.
Pricing and other guidelines/rules are undetermined.
It is doubtful MS would sign off an emulator like this, (Nintendo ROM images are not PD) although I, for one, would love to see an Atari 8-bit emulator that read Atari files off a USB drive. Some Atari binaries are legally PD so it *might* be possible to run such a project past the MS lawyers.
More likely, we'll see a range of MahJonggs, Tetris clones, a few clever all-new games (justifying the whole effort) and a few utilities like media players, slideshow viewers, image editors, and maybe a homebrew RSS viewer or web browser. DiVX and Mpeg4 support might be a possibility, too.
But anything that is available to the general public will have to be vetted by MS lawyers...

DEIx15x84910d ago

Maybe some one will eventually develop a program to play Divx videos without any converting.

Harry4910d ago

Or.. You can just play them on your PC.
Plug in your Xbox 360 controller and voila.

Or you could even (dare i say it?!) PAY for the games.