Cry On info + Famitsu 360 news

Rough Translation (Sakaguchi Interview) from forum:
Blue Dragon has sold over 135,000 copies as of late.
Some rough translations of Sakaguchi part.

Blue Dragon

* It's "impressive" BD sold over 150k, considering 300k install base in japan
* he expected about 100k. though its sales is much slower, now he thinks it will be up to 200k around for LTD.
* He jokes that BD6 may be a 1m seller.

* DLC for shmup part, for those who find it difficult.
* DLC that enable to begin 2nd loop with 1st loop status.
* More to come.

* Now porting BD for other regions.
* 8 languages (English Chinese(2) Korean Spanish French German Italian)
* It will be not only subbed but totally dubbed. (some may depressed? heh)


* You'll see some of actual screenie in the near future.
* Manabu Kusunoki (Panzer Dragoon) is now assumed as main designer.
* Some of art design has been changed since last announcement.

Future Titles

* A.S.H will be come first, then Lost Odyssey and Cry-On.
* If there will be green light, he want to make BD sequel after these titles.

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candystop4918d ago

Well when this game hits the states I will definitely be picking it up!

Lex Luthor4918d ago

some Famitsu 360 news

blue dragon
- new download contents at Feb
- 8 different languages version are planned

Halo 3 Beta test
- available for who buy Crackdown at 22nd Feb (all people) and 200 Famitsu readers (randomly)
(need to be over 18, Gold member, X360 with HDD equiped

Idea Factory
- new title to be revealed soon
- it seems lots of Sega fans have shifted to X360, so the ambition of Ilminas (PSU expend disc) is not the only x360 title
- in this stage no plan for VF5 in Japan

Also in Itakgaki interview, He pretty much confirms that Ninja Gaiden 2 is being made and that it is a permanent 360 exclusive.

marionz4918d ago

how many discs did blue dragon come out on? i heard sony fans saying it would be on more then one but then it all went quiet...anyone know?

TheMART4918d ago

Three discs, haven't you read it before? It has been all over this and other sites ;) it's good for 50 hours of gameplay!

FirstknighT4918d ago

A Blue Dragon anime is going to start soon. This will drive the sales even further! Blue Dragon 2 will sell a million copies! Cry on is supposed to be the "final fantasy" killer! We'll see...

BIadestarX4918d ago (Edited 4918d ago )

what the heck is Cry-On? I never heard of it. Another RPG! AHHHHHH!
I can't wait for blue dragon to come to the states.

Also, I think Sony shouldn't have allowed that trojan horse into the PS3. How can they be so stupid. I'm refering to "Ninja Gaiden Sigma". If that game creates a fanbase and then Ninja Gaiden 2 it's a XBox 360 exclusive; how do you think it's going to hurt the PS3?

I found this link about Cry-On in case I'm not the only one in the dark about this game.

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