OPINION: Cuphead, TVs, and Microsoft's Console Power Problem

Microsoft continues to push the Xbox One X's graphical prowess, but 4K resolution has nothing to do with its best game of 2017.

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FallenAngel1984403d ago

"On comes the Xbox One X, which shows just how blind (or maybe just resistant) Microsoft is to their own situation. Instead of pouring more money and resources into the creation of a more compelling console-exclusive library, they focus on pure graphical power. The console is starting to seem like a Ferrari surrounded by dirt roads."

That's what I've been saying this entire time. It's especially apparent that people who aren't going to upgrade would still want Microsoft to do more to make their purchase of that console worth it

Bigpappy403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

Has more UHD support than the Pro. Its a UHD console for those who want one. Its not a cup head game machine. Its for games like ForZa7, Assassins Creed, Shadow of War, Wolfenstein, C.O.D, Star Wars, F1, Project Cars, destiny, Battle field, Madden, NBA, Enhanced virgins of all recent best sellers, with ultra texture, for free. Those and much, much more... what would you be playing on?

M$ as a publisher and M$ as a console manufacturer are to distinctly different things. They seem to have the console manufacturing thing taken care of with the X. Now if they want to b the main publisher for that device, this should make things a lot easier.
Cuphead is a nice game for what it is, but I seriously doubt it will win game of the year ahead of games like Assassins Creed and C.O.D.

Ashlen402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Honestly, no one cares about UHD support. Physical media for video content is pretty much dead. I really stopped buying it after DVD's I only have a few Blu-ray's and I don't see myself ever buying a UHD disk. And I think that this is where the vast majority of people fall.

And you talk about all these games but they will all be on PS4, and I'm just telling you most people don't care about graphics as much as you and Microsoft want to believe. Of course people will buy the X but it's not going to be a revolution or the "everybody's" got to get this thing console that you and a few others around here think it is.

Even for enthusiasts the Pro is still the better value due to the game library. You'll be able to play all the multiplatform games at graphical fidelity that's high enough to impress plus the benefit of the exclusives. But that really doesn't even matter because the truth is the base PS4 will continue to be the best selling console along side the Switch.

GamesMaster1982402d ago

UHD support. I mean does anyone even buy physical movies nowadays ?. So the UHD player in my opinion is a waste of time. I'm personally glad Sony did not bother with one in the Pro.

edeprez402d ago

When has an assassins creed or COD game won game of the year? I guess it's bound to have happened at least by accident by now, it's not a popularity contest.

jaekapow402d ago

"Enhanced virgins"
Holy hell! If the XboneX comes with enhanced virgins, I'm all in!

Skull521401d ago (Edited 401d ago )

I’m happy as shit Microsoft made a console targeted for people like me. I got a bunch of friends and family with 4K displays and we are all eager for the X. Less than a month to go! Not even out yet and it’s outsold the Pro this year. UHD disc support is awesome too, as streaming quality is still far below discs quality at this point and will be for a long time due to internet bandwidth.

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FallenAngel1984403d ago

Many of those games are multiplatform and as discussed in this article, there's not much reason for the mainstream market to choose the premium option.

I can't believe you're trying to separate a gaming manufacturer from its first party titles

Dlaw76402d ago (Edited 402d ago )

Me and 20 of my xbox friend list buddies is definitely getting the One X and we're not the only ones let's go Fifa and Madden Xtify

402d ago
Bigpappy403d ago (Edited 403d ago )

They will all play best on the X. That is a reason for many people to get it.

It's no different from gamers buying higher end cards to get games to look and play best on their PC's. They also did in in the case of the PS4 over X1. You do you think all of a sudden in the case of the X, power will now not matter. This is becoming like the head in the sand scenario. There is plenty of examples of developer having games run at higher resolution on the X over the next best console. But it doesn't stop there, they are also releasing Gigabytes of data to upgrade the textures. You know about graphics right? what kind of a difference do you think 20Gig of texture upgrades mean to a 4K image? Significant, right?
All of those games I mentioned will have extra texture on the X. Some of them would even support HDR on the pro. So the author is misguided and you seem to want to accept this to win a fanatical argument, when I think you know better.

402d ago
Ashlen402d ago

The success of the Switch really goes to emphasize that it's games not graphics that are important.

X may be more powerful but Sony and Nintendo will continue selling 4x as many consoles as Microsoft.

Bigpappy402d ago

To some people I am sure that's true. Nintendo is great, but I don't want a switch. I have no problem with buying one for any of my kids if that is what they want though.

When I said Xbox is a UHD device, I was referring to 4K output not the Drive. X1X is focused on UHD which doesn't always achieve 4K natively.

Ashlen402d ago (Edited 402d ago )


By virtue of being an Xbox fan you need to realize your actually not the majority your actually the minority. You might not want a Switch but it's a pretty safe bet that Switch is going to be the best selling console this holiday.

As for the UHD thing I'm not sure what your point is then. The Pro has 4k video and 4k not always native gaming.

Bigpappy402d ago

My only point is that X1X is the Best option for those who want 4K gaming. Much better than the Pro for this and the switch is irrelevant to the conversation. It is not a matter of who is or isn't the majority. The point is X1X has a solid market of gamers and Cuphead doesn't necessarily represent that market, but gamers are not monolithic.

Ashlen402d ago

I would argue that the Pro is the best play for any gaming including 4k because it has the most and highest rated exclusives.

I would rather have a base PS4 than I would an X because of the games, just sayin.

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derkasan402d ago

Style can go a real long way.

mcstorm402d ago

I agree if you look at alot of Nintendo games they age well because of the art styles they use.

bluefox755402d ago

MS have had their priorities backwards this entire generation.

goken402d ago

i know what you mean, but i don't think you're quite right there.
i think they're going with style over substance. all hype little delivery.

most power console. then releases exclusives like cuphead, crackdown3, sea of thieves, best graphics ever says absolutely no one (non fanboys).

i think hoodwink is their plan, and they're deliverying it

Kyizen402d ago

If the games arent built from the ground up for Xbox One X (dumb name imo) and they wont be unless MS breaks it promise to leave no gamer behind then the 'visual upgrade' you are talking about is minor. They wont be pushing more polygons, effects, ect. It will be slighly higher res that worth $500??

omegaheat402d ago

Is the Pro worth $400? By comparison it's overpriced when you consider what the X is offering. The power difference alone justifies a $100. Do you know what a $100 can buy in today's economy? Not much.

slasaru01401d ago

i think 500USD is legit. don't forget in US you will have bundles with games and also Xmas and black friday sales. it's us third world countries paying like 800USD for XOX

DivineAssault 402d ago

I dont understand how Phil Spencer got promoted. I mean microsoft has really been going in the opposite direction one would expect or hope for.. Instead of exclusives, they did emulated BC and power.. I dont get it but oh well.. Cuphead is a game PS4 owners want.. However no matter how great it is, it is an indie game so PCs can run the base title even if the raw power isnt there.. Making what exactly an xbox exclusive for this year? Nintendo and Sony will remain selling the best imo

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