Persona 5 is Missing What Made Persona 4 So Great

"I’m still slowly making my way through Persona 5 — while I do think it’s a fantastic role-playing game that builds upon Persona 4 in just about every way possible, it’s missing an element of its predecessor that I loved, murder mystery." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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AspiringProGenji377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Murder mystery was Persona 4's theme. Persona 5's is Rebellion and captivity, which are interesting themes to explore in a modern Japanese setting like P5. Every Persona game has its themes you know...

cleft5377d ago

P5 is an amazing game. I love it. However, it holds your damn hand way too much. You don't have close to true freedom until about 10 hours into the game. Mind you, its done in such a way that it doesn't feel that restricted but in reality you are really limited. P5 simply holds the player's hand for far too long. It's an amazing game, with an amazing story. But man I really wish it wasnt so restricted.

Mind you, P4 restricted the player for the first 2 hours of the game, but after that the player is given freedom to have the experience they want.

Jaypi03377d ago

Persona 5 is the big flagship title everyone's been waiting for so you won't find many people giving you an honest critique or agreeing with you about the game. I mean I liked Persona 5 as well, but I can admit Persona 4 did do things a bit better, and the cast was more likeable. I also didn't care for the multiple days and days where it was mostly me reading text or being forced to sleep, I know it's a school and life aspect, but I would've at least be allowed to build some social links or improve skills with that time.

bluefox755377d ago

It's a long game, 10 hours is still the beginning.

AspiringProGenji376d ago (Edited 376d ago )


you can do all of that but you need some social links and their abilities to have more freedom. Persona 4 forced you to sleep too only that you didn't have a n annoying cat telling you so lol

gangsta_red377d ago

The presentation, music and just the overall complete package of Persona 5 has made it above and beyond Persona 4 imo. Yes I did like the murder mystery part of 4 but everything 5 has done has been nothing but pure brilliance.

Thatguy-310377d ago

Couldn't agree more the whole thieve theme was simply brilliantly done. Can't wait to see how they do the anime next yr!!!!!

FallenAngel1984377d ago

Every game in the series has its own list of merits

PhoenixUp377d ago

With each numbered title in the franchise everything will be different with each new installment to keep it fresh. One will have qualities that the other doesn't.

- Persona began with the tale of a nameless high school student and his friends trapped in their demon-infested hometown.

- The Persona 2 duology, Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, expanded the universe with the story of an ongoing war between two manifestations of the collective unconscious, Philemon and Nyarlathotep.

- Persona 3 starred an orphaned teenager trying to juggle school and friends with exploring a giant tower of Shadows looming over the town every night.

- Persona 4 followed with a supernatural murder mystery where a transfer student and his friends try to stop a Serial Killer who can use TV screens as portals to another world.

- Persona 5 moves onto the adventures of a teenage Gentleman Thief and his accomplices out to "steal the hearts" of corrupt adults after crossing paths with a mysterious, shapeshifting cat.

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