Hack lets you swap 20GB Xbox 360 drive with... 20GB drive

TheSpecialist (one of the hackers who worked a lot on the original Xbox (360) DVD Firmware hack) sent an awesome new tool that will allow you to use your own new SATA HDD in your Xbox360. No more 100usd for 20GB.

The current tool only works with Western Digital BEVS series HDDs (20GB or larger needed) and for now you can use max 20GB, but when Microsoft will release larger drives you will be able to use as much space as Microsoft's largest HDD.

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FirstknighT5723d ago

I have an external 500gig HD for my 360! It's not hard to do! All you need is a $15 transfer cable!

TheMART5723d ago

Yeah, but you can't use that external drive for everything.

You can store music/video etc. on it
But you can't save the games on it, it's not the same as the original MS HDD for the 360.

That's what this mod does. Only limited by 20GB untill MS gives out larger HDD's with the specific code for the larger capacity, or if they crack the kernel of the software for the HDD

kingboy5723d ago

keep upgrading and soon u`ll get there..cheers!