Microsoft's Halo VR Experience Could Bode Well For The Xbox One X

343 Industries and Microsoft have announced that they will be bringing the smash-hit franchise Halo onto Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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AizenSosuke430d ago

Maybe maybe but 5 mins doesn't seem like a killer hit.

ThatDudeMunkee430d ago

It won't be at first. I think the whole idea behind it, is to see how well received it is. I won't lie. VR Halo? I'm down. I just need to polish off my elite controller.

instantstupor429d ago

Yea, it sounds great in theory. But check this thing out:

I couldn't believe this is what MS pumped out (or at least signed off on) for this game/experience. I hope they don't use Halo: Recruit as a gauge for interest in a VR Halo game or anything, because that thing looks terrible.

freshslicepizza429d ago

A full Halo game in VR would be cool but Halo Recruit is more like Hollow Recruit. That looks boring.

SierraGuy429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Oh now VR is ok MS?! Wow. I thought it had a long way to go.

Phoenix76429d ago

Wont be long before people come on here to say great VR is.... now that MS are stepping into the VR market.

TheUndertaker85429d ago (Edited 429d ago )


Fortaleza leak
June 18th, 2012

Project Morpheus leak
September 3rd, 2013

Apocalypse Shadow429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

No $299 Xbox at launch
No Fortaleza augmented reality glasses
Kinect implosion
Barely any cloud implementation
"Always on" vaporized
"never need to upgrade hardware again" micro console but now there have been two console upgrade releases of Xbox one s and the upcoming Xbox one x

Compared to Sony announcing and releasing a VR headset.

No comparison. And AR is different than VR.

Xenophon_York429d ago

Master Chief Helmet VR Edition (the VR headset is a replica of the actual helmet) would be superior. Pricey, but worth it. And, for sure an XBOX VR seller. Too bad this is probably going to be a shallow experience like the Batman VR game.

Tankbusta40429d ago

VR is not something any company should focus on. You notice how PSVR is really not a conversation starter anymore? Its because the technology is so far behind. It will take years before any VR is applicable. Its time to kick this VR garbage and get realistic

1Victor429d ago

Your ignorance is showing
anyone that have spend half a hour in a VR game can tell you how wrong you are.
Like it or not VR is here to stay just like 3D graphics on the PS changed the console gaming face forever, since you are too young to have lived through it there was people like you saying that 3D graphics was a fad and it was garbage we didn’t need.
3D games didn’t died the tech is been used on the VR games in case you try to put that out there that 3D games failed

Tankbusta40429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

I hate to tell you something but VR isn't selling well. No matter what you claim "my ignorance" is showing. PSVR is almost dead. These days nothing is being developed for Oculus or PSVR.

Microsoft and Playstation need to stay far away from this gimmick .

3d was never a gimmick like this fake VR stuff. Nothing we see nowadays is actually VR, its stuff projected on a screen close to your face. 3D was an actual real technology.

You are showing your lack of age with your argument.

Also I am in my 30s my favorite games were Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid. I lived through 3d and it was never a gimmick. i would love for you to explain to me why my rational post made you think I am some young idiot? Other than I took a reasonable approach and said VR is a joke because it is not really VR

GamesMaster1982429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Wrong i owned a PSVR since launch and sold it a few month's ago as its basically all tech demos and shovelware crap. Don't get me wrong there are a few good games like Resident Evil 7. But VR is just not ready yet the resolution and technology is just not that great and i don't think will be for many years yet. PSVR sales are now dying down and i don't think it will be too long before Sony even give up on it like the Vita. VR is going the same direction as 3D plain and simple. At this point in time VR is little more than a expensive gimmick.

Xenophon_York429d ago

"Not really a conversation starter," eh? We're discussing it now, aren't we? With over a million units sold, and a total of almost three million when combined with Oculus and Vive there's enough demand to make it worth a developers time to come up with the next big VR seller.

robleroy429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

VR is hard to sell, because the experiance cant be televised. Commercials for 3d games look better than the game itself.
VR commercials look worse than the game itself.
2) it is expensive.
3) And it has cables which makes it less userfriendly for non technicall players.

It wont replace 3D or 2D, but it beats both handsdown.
It is here to stay.
You talk like you didnt play any or a lot of the VR games.

No driving or flying 3d sim or game beats VR ( eve, driveclub)
Resident evil7
Playroom VR
Batman VR
Star trek Bridgecrew
Superhot VR
Wherewolves within

The are just no 2d or 3d games that can give one a better experience than those above..
I left out farpoint for people who fear spiders.

instantstupor429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Except look at this monstrosity! Cardboard cutouts shot on a 2D screen!?! What in the heck were they thinking?

The shooting starts around the 1:50 mark. I don't normally thumb my nose at things, but that is Rift DK2 level development, not an experience made in 2017 for one of gaming's most iconic franchises. I'm a little surprised they even decided to ship this. I hope no one bases their VR experience off of this low effort joke.

GamesMaster1982429d ago

That looks like the biggest pile of shit Ive ever seen. I hope this is a joke.

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