Destiny 2: Iron Banner, Prestige Raids and New Armour Sets Announced

The Iron Banner is back - with some changes - and there's a super-hard Raid incoming.

UnHoly_One2478d ago

Level doesn't matter anymore, so now it's just regular crucible with different rewards.

Damnit Bungie.

Gwiz2478d ago

Yeah,some things didn't improve.

Sono4212477d ago

you guys buy literally almost the exact same crap game and are surprised to find it's still garbage? You have no one to blame but yourself.

Enjoigamin2478d ago

Why can't I do a triple backflip on my sparrow anymore :(

maybelovehate2478d ago

Pretty much. But the leveling never really mattered to begin with. It was tier based. And they mostly matchmade same tiers unless it was a party who had a member who was lower tier.

PapaBop2478d ago

But but there is a fresh carrot at the end of the stick! Very disappointing though tbh, they could have added a new mode for IB or at least something different and actually new.

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Crazywhitie2478d ago

Game has about ran it's course with me... nothing to do. Dame old crap get old... raid takes 6 people I'm a solo player. 1 nightfall a week for good gear. So it's now a wash

HeyNowChillax2478d ago

Seriously, why is there no real and effective matchmaking based on powerlevel and/or skill?

Crazywhitie2477d ago

They do have a guide game (beta) thing for. Nightfall and raids. But raids avg. Wait time through that is like 45 mins

I feel after you get to 265 light level. It's about a 3 hour a week game to get the power engrams

maybelovehate2477d ago

To be fair, it isn't really a single player game. And it isn't marketed that way. Although it is still plenty of fun as a single player for an FPS. For example, I think it has more SP content than Halo 5 does.

xHeavYx2477d ago

So, let me get this straight. You knew from Destiny 1 that this is a social game, and you still got Destiny 2?
Also, if you are a loner that's your choice, there are thousands of posts on Bungie's forums regarding people who want to meet other people to do raids/nightfall and other stuff.


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