Star Wars Battlefront II Changes – If it’s Broke, Fix It | AusGamers

With the Open Beta now Live, we go through the many improvements found in Star Wars Battlefront II...

AusGamers "When EA, as politically neutral as it could, took the stage at E3 earlier this year to note that Star Wars Battlefront II was being developed with a clear understanding of player criticisms of the first game – people took note. Star Wars Battlefront from EA and DICE was a technical marvel, providing the best visual and audio representation of the iconic saga ever seen in a videogame. But the whole Star Wars meets Battlefront thing never lived up to its potential. Simplified to the point where it hampered depth, and no single-player campaign felt like a missed opportunity.

Add in last year’s excellent Battlefield 1 from developer DICE, and there’s good reason to get excited for this second outing. An outing which, based on playing a bunch of the early access multiplayer beta, is already more inviting and polished than the original. Turns out that EA were serious when they said they were looking to improve on what has come before and take all our collective constructive criticism on board. Plus, add some things that we didn’t even know it needed."

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lio_convoy472d ago

I can't wait to drive the NCC-1701 in this game! Pew pew pew!!!

Ruegrong472d ago

Its fun , but i wish there was more teamwork, no jumping in and out of vehicles, no having a partner in vehicle with you. I'm going to pass again

EmperorDalek472d ago

I don't know what improvements you're seeing, because the beta somehow manages to be worse than the first game for me. The controls and shooting feel clunky (X1), which is surprising since SWBF1 nailed that. Nothing has substantially improved enough to warrant buying it.

I hope it isn't automatically praised just because it has a campaign. I felt Titanfall 2 MP was weaker than in the first game, but 2 was considered better as it had a decent campaign. And I say decent, because it wasn't a great one.