Crunchgear: "The PlayStation 3 Is The Best Console Ever"

From the Crunchgear article: "Let's face it. You know Sony kicks ass. You totally had a wet dream back in the 1990s when you saw the PlayStation and when PS2 fever hit, you bum-rushed Target hoping to get one. So why so much hatred for the PS3? Because you've been spoiled...."

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TheMART4907d ago

The sad thing is, and probably Sony fanboys will hopefully agree after reading the article

He is not giving any facts, not talking specific reasons for backing up his statement. The only thing he really says is MGS4 and Killzone 2. Well. MGS4 is made by Konami, 3rd party, not payed for an exclusive. Konami could bring MGS4 over to a platform that has over 10 million users which buy at least 5 games per unit just to make money.

Killzone 1 wasn't a good game at all. It's made by a Dutch company, my homecountry, and we never, ever made one good game here. Because it ain't in our DNA. USA, Canada, France, England, Japan are places were games come from. Not The Netherlands...

So fanboy article, I like the real head to head stuff better. Why is this guy only comparing the PS3 to the Wii, which is clearly last gen in visuals, but having a nice controller and fungaming to it?

Juevani4907d ago

You have your period?? get some ''always'' and shut the hell up..

nice_cuppa4906d ago

use it on me...
i think your really funny (sick.)
i feel left out (lol.)
you so cool juvi.
do you want to join my live friends list ?

Harry4906d ago


What's your Wii code?

Also yeh Killzone 1 was fecking shyte. Was average just like Resistance for that matter.

I don't care how good it looks.

power of Green 4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

Just buy the PS3 when it launches no need to convince yourself through others opinions.

S A G A T4907d ago

who is going to be buying the wii once the kids and "girls" get theirs? It was a cool gimmick machine, but this is 2007, people don't want 1999 graphics when their friends are playing in glorious hi-definintion. I think Sony will catch microsoft's lead faster than people anticipate. 10 million units for 360 is a tiny drop in a 50 gallon bucket for Sony.

TheMART4907d ago

Well not at the speed Sony is selling at this moment. They don't sell more then the 360 did in the same amount of time last year...

The 360 is selling faster at this point in time, getting more units to customers then the PS3, so how could they ever catch up fast if the 360 only catches more speed???

Harry4906d ago

Yeh Well you also seem to forget that 2 years have passed since the launch of the 360.

and average generations last for about 3-5 years.
So that leaves the PS3 3 years max to catch up.

zonetrooper54907d ago

To be honest i never had a wet dream over any console and if you did than thats just, well sad.

MicroGamer4907d ago

"The previous PlayStation models fit well within your budget and had great launch titles to boot."

And exactly which PS2 launch title was great?? Street Fighter EX3?? Orphen?? Oni?? Fantavision??

And to say there are no good games for the Wii is so obviously Sony fanboy biased that this writer loses all credibility.

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The story is too old to be commented.