A Letter to the Forza Community From Turn 10 Regarding VIP in Forza

Turn 10 Writes: Since Forza Motorsport 7 launched into early access last week, everyone here at Turn 10 has been keeping a close eye on our players’ feedback. The most important thing to us is to maintain open communication with the Forza Community. We’ve heard what you have had to say and, starting today, you can expect some significant changes.

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UCForce1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Good to hear the community against this BS ! Next up, Shadow of War MT. But still. I wish the publishers just get rid of microtransaction in AAA games. You already paid 60$ of the game and that's enough. The microtransaction is only work in F2P.

Obscure_Observer1948d ago

I hope Naughty Dog takes some notes too.

UCForce1948d ago

Of course, they will, but it has to be publishers that one push MT.

Obscure_Observer1948d ago

Yeah. Microsoft MT practices is getting a bit out of hand. Sony don´t enforce MT in their exclusives. Only Naughty Dog do it.

dcbronco1948d ago

Naughty Dog? Which one of their games has microtransactions? Odd, I hadn't heard any complaining. I wonder why?

Kribwalker1948d ago

both the uncharted series and the last of us have microtransactions

UCForce1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

@dcbronco Well, The Last of Us MP microtransaction was very controversial. A lot of people angry about it including myself. In Paris Game Week 2015, Uncharted 4 MP was going to have MT which make a lot of people angry about it including myself. I still hate UC 4 MP microtransaction and I know a lot of people will disagree with me about this. But it was less controversial and less shady than TLOU MP microtransaction. Yes, you still have to get a weapon and costume in treasure chest, but here the thing, you get those stuff even faster just in days, not a week and not even a months. Those daily challenges give you about 350 to 500 or even higher. And here another thing, there is no duplication and variations in UC 4 MP. Don' get me wrong, I completely hate microtransaction in every games. But ND did learnt mistakes from The Last of Us MP by reducing it down significantly in UC 4 MP, so I maybe hope they will remove microtransaction completely in TLOU Part 2 MP.

Razzer1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Wait.....can’t you earn all the MT bonuses in UC4 through gameplay? Can you do that with Forza7?

ShottyatLaw1947d ago


Yes, you can earn everything through playing in both Forza and UC, but thats not the point. These are major 1st Party AAA games with paid DLC and MTs.


Yeah people need to also know Naughty dog had some bad microtransactions which were the guns in the last of us and in uc4. Core items like guns should never be behind a paywall. And they purposely make it EXTREMELY tedious and slow to unlock it in game

Knushwood Butt1947d ago

None of the UC4 guns are behind a paywall.

They are all 3000 relics, which can be earned pretty quickly if actually, you know, play rhe game.

Furthermore, a lot of the additional guns are garbage / superfluous anyway.

Silly gameAr1947d ago

Bu bu bu Naughty Dog does it too! GRRRRR.

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freshslicepizza1948d ago ShowReplies(2)
-Foxtrot1948d ago

The problem is if reviewers don't call this shit out in the reviews then studios probably won't give a shit

Forza has done really well...god knows how considering the separate articles after calling the game out.

Shadow of War seems to be doing fine as well with none of the reviews so far saying anything about the MT

It's a bit of a joke tbh

slate911948d ago

Create your own website and start publishing your own reviews. You clearly have all the gaming knowledge in the world. Why criticize another person's opinion?

Gwiz1948d ago

Dude (I assume) they will never call them out on it..

-Foxtrot1947d ago


Difference is mate is I won't be paid a shit load doing what I love...these guys do and they abuse their power

2600Thunder1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Agreed. IGN's Peer Schneider told Kinda Funny that IGN was unsustainable being financed on user subscription model - until ads came. Sponsored, ad financed sites are always going to show favor to those companies providing their advertising money. It would be antithetical for a company to continue to pay for ads, when their products are not represented favorably since marketing itself is the effort towards creating a positive perception of a product. Disclosures are also not required when accounting books show the shift in money is solely for advertising and not favorable reviews.

Costs are out of control as it is.

Movies cost just as much if not more to create than a AAA title:

Here are the game costs:

Movie producers and investors don't cry to the public about skyrocketing prices that they must force on their customers. We dont pay the producers for their effort. We pay for a result, just like our bosses pay us. High quality Star Wars movies sold in chopped pieces but pitched as being oh so expensive to make would be shunned.

So, $60 has been far more than enough to pay for a full fledged AAA title for decades and it will continue to be more than enough. If movies can rake in billions and the video game industry is known to be bigger, then there is no reason at all to charge more.

All that's changed is the publishers saw mobile games like Angry Birds racking in billions from microtransactions and are trying to inject this newly discovered revenue stream into AAA experiences. Some publishers are also trying to bring the Netflix subscription model as well.

It's because of consumers standing up to this kind of garbage that we are not already getting NBA 2k18 like microtransactions in every experience. The world is not free of avarice practices and companies do not want to give us puppies and ice cream.

Growth must happen in any industry to mature but it must be done through innovation not monetization. The video game industry is already bigger than the movie industry so enough is enough.

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darthv721947d ago

Maybe, just maybe those who played and reviewed the games were able to obtain their in game goodies through playing and not through purchasing.

It is my understanding that anything that can be bought via MT can also be earned / unlocked through continuous playing. Or is that not the case with this game???

UltraNova1947d ago

"Shadow of War seems to be doing fine as well with none of the reviews so far saying anything about the MT "

What did you expect, especially from big name review sites? They get advertising deals left and right from the very same publishers. It one thing to point out a flaw in ganeplay and anothet to expose shady practices like F7's microtr...yeah it's become a joke.

boing11947d ago

Gamespot review says something about MT in Shadow of War.

fiveby91947d ago

Review sites are not going to call out a major title for a platform like MS or Sony. These sites know not to get on their bad side. It is a certainty that these major sites feel pressure from their management not to publish overly critical reviews. Generally, a minimum of 7 or 8 is required. Review sites are often an extension of the marketing department now. Not sure these review sites have much credibility anymore.

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yeahokwhatever1947d ago

The main change in Forza 7 wasn't the removal of the MTs, it was the changing back how the VIP system works in regards to race bonuses to how it was in F6. Nothing more.

badz1491947d ago

Turn10 won't listen. as soon as reviews from big sites and the usuals have settled down, they will flip the switch to allow the use of real money for credits

fiveby91947d ago

That's is exactly it. A consumer already paid retail price for a game only to have content gimped so you can pay more via MT system. Never pre-order such games and don't necessarily base your decision solely on a review site like Gamespot, IGN, etc. MT systems in games are not a good thing. To make matter's worse, systems now are basically gambling. You pay real money for a chance to get something not buying for an actual piece of content.

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XiNatsuDragnel1948d ago

Good stand up and fight MTs in 60 dollar games are BS these into F2p.

Gazondaily1948d ago

Good on fans for making their voices heard instead of making excuses on behalf of their favourite corporation and defending moves that aren't in the interests of gamers. We have seen quite a few examples of that recently.

T10 better make sure they scrap the lootbox system altogether in their next outing. The MT aspect appears to be the sole thing dragging down another seemingly brilliant racer in the series and possibly best racer this year.

Ristul1947d ago

This is a win for Forza fans, Im happy for you guys even if Im a Sony/Nintendo/PC player. We should unite against bad practices as fellow gamers.

Razzer1947d ago

Agreed. Glad MS listened to the actual Forza fans who complained and not the die-hard Xbox fans who defend every single thing Microsoft does.

aconnellan1947d ago

I mean, I completely agree, but I didn't see anybody defending this.

Nobody I saw on this site, /r/XboxOne and even r/Forza was defending this

gangsta_red1947d ago

Yea, I didn't see die-hards defending this either. It was pretty universally frowned on from what i saw.

fiveby91947d ago

Agree with you @Septic. Otherwise very good games are being polluted by MT systems.

MastaMold1948d ago

Very good response from Turn 10.

WePlayDirty1948d ago

Yes. A response after they tried to screw over gamers. I would expect as much.

Rock311947d ago

Sony would not even respond ...

UltraNova1947d ago


Why would Sony respond and not the studio who, you know, made the game?

Take off your fanboy glasses and stop getting off topic, nobody mentioned Sony until you and your agenda came along.

OT: I'm glad peoples voices were heard and that Turn 10 made, uhh, a turn for their customers best interest.

That's what needs to be done each and every time any and I mean any company/dev that dares to take us for fools.

nowitzki20041947d ago


Ok lets say Sony wouldnt respond.. Still, leave it to MS to screw gamers over, or keep trying at least. They have been doing it this gen since the reveal, bend over buddy.

goken1947d ago

really? ms have been trying to screw around, get caught, then u turn so many times.
it is clear that they wanna try to get away with bs, testing consumer tolerance, like a naughty kid trying to see what he/she can get away with.
given the chance.. it would be pc OS (Windows) all over again. must never let this happen!

Cyro1947d ago

I mean you shouldn't give them too much praise but a lot of other devs wouldn't do shit because people are still buying it. Vote with your money not just words.

yeahokwhatever1947d ago

I think they handled it superbly. People were upset about how they changed the VIP system in F7, so they made the change within the first week of the game's release. You can't ask for more than that.