Microsoft Announces 'Assassin's Creed Origins' Xbox One S Bundle

An Assassin's Creed Origins Xbox One S bundle will be made available on the game's release day, Mircosoft announced today.

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Automatic79436d ago

Fantastic entry into the Xbox 4K family. This bundle is great.

FITgamer435d ago

At $349 it's not very great. It's also going to be a tough sell.

Eonjay435d ago

There is actually be a Shadow of War bundle. Is this still launching?

DialgaMarine435d ago

The CoD PS4 bundle is a far better deal; you get a unique PS4 console + the game, at $300. I thoroughly believe that is going to sell far more than this bundle.

Ben360live434d ago

Clearly a cod bundle will sell better since it’s a far bigger ip, but thanks, captain obvious

Davidgr2435d ago

Lol game doesn't even reach 1080p on it

DialgaMarine435d ago

lol Since when did the S run games in 4K? Not even the X can run this game at native 4K.

OpenGL435d ago

The S probably doesn't even run this in 1080p since it hasn't run any previous AssCreed title in 1080p.

Animal Mutha 76434d ago

The S doesn't although it can output a 4K signal for your TV. Game still renders at whatever internally but in fairness the upscale is quite good. My S looks great on my 55 Samsung. Can't wait for the X.

Xenophon_York435d ago

Almost, Microsoft, almost. Two hundred and fifty USD is where a lot of potential customers would be at for this. Considering mainly only gamers either without a gaming system, or with a PlayStation 4 would be interested. The former would likely rather pickup a bundle like the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End PlayStation 4 combo for two hundred eighty to three hundred USD. While the latter would simply buy Origins on PS4. Almost, but still so far away...

Destiny1080435d ago

argos is selling an xbox-s for 239 euro with forza horizon 3 and forza 7

ONESHOTV2434d ago

Xenophon_York---yeah because everyone wants to play uncharted right? let me say this no everyone has different taste in games why try to push someone to buy something they have no interest in I own a PS4 pro but I'm sure Uncharted isn't on my list of games because you know I don't play brain dead cover based uninspired quick time movie based shooter I could give one sh--t if it has a decent story which is debatable at best so if a person likes a game like a--screed insert number then let them buy it.

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Bigpappy435d ago

LOL. Thanks for the recognition.

The_Sage435d ago

You got it brother. 👍

Razzer435d ago

You guys....get a room

conanlifts435d ago

This is the first assassins creed to get my attention in years. I will pick it up on the x when it releases.

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