Over 10,000 SNES Classics sold on eBay, average price over $160

Scalpers are taking full advantage of the shortages.

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Fist4achin432d ago

Wow, scalpers taking advantage of a Nintendo console. Who would have thunk it?!

freshslicepizza432d ago

You should only be able to buy one per customer.

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darthv72430d ago

there wouldn't be a shortage if scalpers would just not buy them all up and resell them. No matter how many more nintendo makes, the scalpers will get to them first and keep doing this.

I don't have it in me to do this, I'm too honest.

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JaggedCarpet430d ago

And the money from those extra 10,000 could've been in your pocket, Nintendo, if you didn't under stock them. I love Nintendo, but they can make stupid decisions sometimes.

Quetzll430d ago

Nintendo already made their money when they originally shipped the units. What would be nice is if Nintendo gave us a definite answer about when or whether not there will be more shipped and manufactured in the future.

Juiceid430d ago

They have. Nintendo has pleaded to everyone not to buy them through resellers, not to pay more than 80 for it. Shipments will be through next year.

ChrisW430d ago

Stupid decisions? They did it rather smart, if you ask me.

The innards are the exact same as the NES classic. In fact you can use the NES controllers on it. Why? Well... if you hack it and add NES games, then you'd want play with the NES controller.

I'm certain Nintendo foresaw this.

PaulKersey430d ago

A business leaving easy money on the table is a textbook example of a stupid decision.

ClanPsi1430d ago

I don't blame the scalpers. They're sub-human greedy SOBs, so they're just doing the only thing they know how to do. I blame the 10,000 stupid c**ts buying them from the scalpers.

link2Dpast430d ago

Agree, supply and demand and these ignants keep buying from them. Even though Nintendo has said they'll be a restock

PaulKersey430d ago

It's still ultimately Nintendo's fault for not supplying demand.

nitus10430d ago

I do agree that Nintendo should have more stock but you also have to remember that in any manufacturing process there will always be a finite amount of items a particular manufacturer can produce within a particular unit of time.

Produce too little (Nintendo are good at doing this) and you will have short supply hence scalpers for a popular product but produce too much and you could have a market glut which could result in serious losses for the company. Like it or not that is business 101.

As far as scalping goes these people are only following a simple rule "A fool and his money are soon parted" and if buyers weren't being foolish with their money you would not have scalpers.

Matrix6430d ago

Some people just wants to see the world burn

Wolf873430d ago

May scalpers get their karma for screwing up the customers who honestly wanted to buy it to play it. These people no matter what their excuse, just trying to earn money blah blah should find honest jobs in that case rather than dabble in such practices that keep honest customers/fans from enjoying something.

nitus10430d ago

You are wrong on that count and as I have said before scalpers are only following very simple precepts. Buy as many popular items at the recommended price so creating a shortage then sell those items at an inflated price to make a profit.

Obviously, that is not a very nice thing to do (subjective) but it is not illegal. However, the main blame should rest with the foolish buyer who just "has to have the next shiny object" and is willing to pay more than the recommended price for it. All the scalper is doing is praying on the weakness of some people which is a classic case of survival of the fittest between predator and prey except only money, not life is lost.

Wolf873430d ago

No the main blame does not lie with the buyer, it's on the scalper and there is no justifying it even if the practice isn't illegal it is highly despicable! Praying on the weakness of the consumer is one of the disgusting things one can do and it is nothing new, even big guys do it under pretense of legit business practices. The buyer does get their fair share of blame for giving in to it but they are not main party to blame here. I would reason if people want to buy it (anything of value) they should get up early and get in line but not many can do that for reasons that may be beyond them or they have higher priority. That still doesn't mean they should be deprived in such cases where something should be available in high enough numbers given blatantly obvious demand.

Scalpers horde up the loot and make it difficult for honest customers who want to use the device as I mentioned earlier, if they take up majority of the stock and make it difficult to find that particular object at retail price what choice does the buyer has other than to buy it off a scalper, especially when the item has been discontinued or produced in low numbers? There is none but to get it at prices marked up by the scalpers. If they really want it, they would be forced to pay higher price because of the ambiguity of future stock or none altogether. I think our society has evolved or should be evolved to a point where we learn to care for others in a manner more befitting a civilized species than to rule by survival of the fittest mindset.

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