'Shadow of War' Developer Promises a Massive Expansion to Middle-Earth

HR writes:" The sequel to 2014's hit 'Shadow of Mordor' will feature an enhanced version of the "Nemesis System," a world "three times the size" of the first game's and new multiplayer features."

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Ashlen377d ago

Yea, massive expansion to the amount of microtransastions.

bolimekurac375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

so far from people playing the game have all said you dont even notice them nor need them so can we stop with the crying wolf

375d ago
bolimekurac375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

they keep spreading false info on forza 7 and shadow of war, it seems they will trash any game thats on both consoles and since they will look better on x1x they trash it and use their exclsuives as the excuse

Christopher375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

No. If they are not noticeable then they aren't needed.

***they keep spreading false info on forza 7 and shadow of war,***

There isn't false info in being discussed about microtransactions nor was there false info spread about either. Both companies are reacting to the dislike of microtransactions in their games, not correcting things people had said erroneously.

j15reed374d ago

It seems like it's just games MS is involved in, of course we know Forza and they have the marketing rights to Shadow of War.

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-Foxtrot375d ago

Awesome. Imagine how meaty the GOTY edition will be if we all wait for it while we feast on other, MT-less games.

Nitrowolf2375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Idk, a lot of reviews dont seem to both by it and some people who have playrdd it early.

Sounds like to me, its as intrusive as many other titles out there, meaning it isnt whole lot and can go ignored. Ive bought plenty of titles like overwatch, destiny, uncharted 4 (the last of us is a different story) and more with MT, yet not once did I spend a dime.

Its usually the f2p games IMO that really push for it, cause you know theyre free. Seems a lot of people are just knocking it without playing. i can understand if they someone forced it, but from early impressikns from actual people that have it, sounds like natural progression works fine.

Im more upset of how theyre handling the lore tbh

Servbot41375d ago

Wow, you're telling me people who were given an early copy of a game by a shady publisher gave it a good score? Who would have thought! It's not as if they reviewed it highly because they wanted continued preferential treatment from said shady publisher, right?

moegooner88375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Yeah but reviews never pointed out how broken AC Unity was or for example never mentioned how microtransactions were implemented in some of the recent releases ( they seem to give a pass to some franchises, and slaughter others ). So in all honesty I would wait for Steam reviews, if the game runs fine on PC, reviews should be rather objective.

Rebel_Scum375d ago

Is McCarthyism a hobby for you?

2600Thunder375d ago (Edited 375d ago )

Not McCarthyism when publishers have already provided us many games since the beginning of this gen with the proof of their predatory monetization.

rocketpanda375d ago

Will wait for it to drop to $10 on steam. I'm not paying full price for a AAA with MT.

DigitalRaptor372d ago

Between the bleak, ugly environments and godawful storytelling ... yeah, I'm not counting on anything special.