Xbox One Super Smash Bros. Clone You Should Be Playing

"Earlier this year, a new Super Smash Brothers clone was released -- Rivals of Aether. What is Rivals of Aether? Some of you might have heard of it before. In short, it's one of the best Super Smash Bros. clones currently available. " -- Xbox Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984473d ago

Will it rival Brawlout?

Speaking of these kind of games.

Super Smash Bros came out on Nintendo's third console.

PlayStation All-Stars came out on Sony's third console.

It's a shame Microsoft can't have a crossover of their own first party franchises on their third console.

Sm00thNinja473d ago

Roster would have 8 characters and they'd all have guns

brettnll473d ago

Maybe Rivals will become the XB's Smash? Its got Ori, hoping more known characters join the roster.

Brave_Losers_Unite473d ago

And a $ symbol as a playable character for $2.99

EatCrow472d ago

Conker, pinata, rivals, sea of theives, ori, fable, age of empires, arbiter, etc.

Not all of them would have guns...they could use their ips in creative ways to make many characters without guns

Sm00thNinja472d ago

It was a joke eatcrow. But really a sea of thieves character?

Relientk77472d ago

Forza car with guns on it

Cough Twisted Metal cough lol

SuperBlunt472d ago

Hey there's the new cover car too!

darthv72472d ago

It looks cute but for a game like this... I'm not a fan of the old school look. As far as Ms making their own fighter, it could happen with characters like stubbs, blinx, banjo, conker, the paperclip from MS Office to name a few (and yes, I knew it was a joke, @smooth)

XisThatKid472d ago

Damn, I thought this was a 2.5D game like Smash or PSAS or Brawlout.
I'm interested in almost any console party fighter

Prince-Ali472d ago

aahahahahahhahahahah looooooooooool i know righhttt!!!!!!

Prince-Ali472d ago


That list is scraping the bottom of the barrel... that was actually pathetic... Sea of thieves...? realllyyyyyyyyyyyy ahaah

FlintGREY472d ago

Well they did have a sort of clone called Small Arms. And they did use use guns lol

conanlifts472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

MS have a huge list of IP's, around 140 from memory, the weird thing is most of them just sit there with no new games. They could do an awesome roster if they tried with battletoads, ori, crimson dragon, mech warrior etc. But I do not see it happening. They need to expand their game studios to produce more. Instead of spending millions on timed exclusives employ more staff and create more games at their current studios. But again, I do not see it happening.

They even do Killer instinct vs their other IP's. So much that they could do that they are not.

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srp431472d ago

Speaking on clones, I want a version of Mario Cart on the XBO

Gotcha5472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Download NesBox to your Edge browser on your XB1. then download the SNES roms to OneDrive or File Exployer from any free site (google it) and wallah you have the Snes version of Mario Kart or the GBA version MK Super Circult (Nintendo game on XB1). Warning its gonna take some time to get it going,but it works and no support for N64 games.

Relientk77472d ago

I've never heard of this game.

The levels look like they're from Smash Bros Melee

meka2611472d ago

It is a great game if you are a fan of smash. Only thing that sucks about it is not as many characters.

FTANK472d ago

Why would I want to play this or Smash Bros. for that matter when I can play plenty of real fighting games

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Malphite472d ago

What a silly question to ask. Those games do not solely exist to make you play them. You may not have noticed yet but not everything in the world is catered towards your personal tastes.

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