Demon's Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Persona 5 & more rendered at higher than native resolutions

The development team of RPCS3 has announced that a new high resolution rendering mode will be added to this PS3 emulator in the coming weeks and below you can find some games (like Demon's Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Persona 5, Dante's Inferno and Drakengard 3) being rendered at high resolutions.

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chaos-emeralds1110d ago

Why isn't this emulator on ps4 damit

ocelot071110d ago

Because you need a half decent PC to use the emulator. Something more powerful than a PS4.

UltraNova1110d ago

Damn it, why did they have to remind me that we still dont have a Demon's Soul remaster yet!

KTF261110d ago

4K Demon's Souls

Didn't expect it to be like this

LeeU1110d ago

Personally, that was the most impressive screenshot of the bunch.

RSKnight1110d ago

I love emulation, I even bought a Raspberry Pi recently with that purpose only (running RetroPie on it). But I have to be honest, I don't see too much future for a PS3 emulator because since last generation most games are now multiplatform, and that includes PC, which kind of kills the need of an emulator to begin with. And for the PS3 exclusives, there have been lots of remasters for the PS4 that run the games at full HD, 60fps, and with improved textures in most cases, that at least for me makes the emulator irrelevant this time arround. Still, I'm interested in it becasue I want to play again Red Dead Redemption in a better quality, not the blurry low fps crap it was on PS3. Unless Rockstar has mercy on us and do a Christmas miracle and release it on PC. Besides RDR I have no interest in this emulator at all.