What Phil Spencer's promotion means for Xbox and gaming at Microsoft

Xbox chief Phil Spencer was recently promoted to Microsoft's senior leadership team, but what does that mean for Xbox and gaming at Microsoft?

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Zero_Suit_Samus2485d ago

“What Phil Spencer's promotion means for Xbox and gaming at Microsoft”

More GaaS. That’s in their future plans revealed at Build 2017 by Phil Spencer.

Brave_Losers_Unite2485d ago

Gas? People are gonna be farting?

4Sh0w2483d ago

Well more influence from Phil with Sataya and the top brass can only be a good thing for Xbox. Sataya has actually said since he took over he thinks Xbox is a very important part of Microsofts future plans. They wouldn't have promoted Phil if they didn't want him to have a voice at the top.

pandehz2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

That too possibly. Why not right?

rainslacker2483d ago

maybe, but I'd imagine it means we'll see what we've seen the past three years. Xbox being in it's worst state since it's inception. Low number of games being released, and a muddying of the Xbox brand to make it more part of Windows than having it's own identity.

Obscure_Observer2483d ago


Phil Spencer promotion was a slap in the face to likes of you that do nothing but complain. If you did not belived in Phil Spencer´s vision yesterday, you have even less reasons to not belive in Microsoft gamming future now that the guy is one of the 15 more powerful man at Microsoft!

Just sell your Xbox and be happy with whatever Sony´s is giving you. And take your negativity with you! :)

UCForce2483d ago

@Obscure_Observer You are not helping.

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Sirk7x2483d ago

Microsoft screwed up pretty badly with the design of the hardware itself, which is why they have had to move in a different direction and play to their strengths. It will be very difficult to recover the ground they've lost this gen to Sony.

dcbronco2483d ago

Rain what did we really see? We saw Microsoft rethink some original ideas and make changes. They even changed management. Sony fans complain Xbox doesn't have exclusives. But Sony fans don't buy most Sony exclusives. Games as a service is fine in conjunction with regular availability. Game Pass and EA Access are both good. Those services should be extended to promote better Indies also.

I don't understand why anyone would complain about a guy who has said over and over that he will listen to the fans. And he has. But it's also clear he will take major risk like with X. He has even said more exclusives are coming. People need to be patient. They usually whine for nothing anyway. Like Steve Jobs said, "People don't know what they want until you tell them". We saw that with digital. And given most don't know, it's best to just be patient.

rainslacker2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Ms has been slapping me in the face for a couple years now with their lack of support and focus on new hardware over games focus. Spencers promotion changed nothing.

You are right though, i have less reason to believe in ms vision with every passing day


My problem with Spencer is he talks a good game, but to me, it seems Xbox is in the worst state it's ever been.

There is no way someone could convince me that Xbox is better noe compared to the past two gens, or even the optimism that came with Spencer first taking over. All indicators point to Xbox doing less but talk m more

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UCForce2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

That's their direction no doubt about it. Microsoft tactics are so predictable that we gamer can easily predict them in every corners. Marketing tactics was always about plan and focus. Now it's just the opposite of MS.

343_Guilty_Spark2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

What does GaaS mean to you? And if they were truly serious how come none of their games are GaaS? Halo isn’t, Gears isn’t, Forza isn’t, Ori isn’t, Sea of Thieves isn’t. You can’t say their games are simply games as a service just because they have microtransactions, since many modern games have those. So what are you saying? A GaaS to me is like FFXIV where they may you pay monthly to play in their world.

Ittoittosai2483d ago

Great just what gaming doesnt need more games as a service instead of a finished producted.

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FallenAngel19842485d ago

"Commentators and speculators have called on Microsoft to spin off Xbox into its own entity or sell it on to another tech company, for some reason."

I never got this mentality. Microsoft originally got into the industry to build their consumer appeal in living rooms after they felt threatened by PlayStation's increasing influence.

After investing billions of dollars into making the brand a huge pillar in their company, there'd be very little reason and nothing to gain for Microsoft by selling it off.

Not to mention that with the Xbox brand so intrinsically tied into Windows, what other company would be willing to buy up said brand or even to spend billions in maintaining it? The association would always be a hindrance for any other company trying to make Xbox into their own thing & it'd be too costly to keep it running for as long.

Nitrowolf22485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Idk what the tone over at microsoft is now, but i know through the xbox og and 360, a lot of the higher execs simply didnt think it was worth it, and thought it would be better off sold. However this was a lot of the same opinion that the higher-ups over at Sony had when it came to the PlayStation brand during the PlayStation 1.

These opinions were most likely tide just the fact that these were probably Executives that wanted to keep a lot of the things the same, basically afraid of change and failure.

It's understandable, especially when companies were a lot younger two decades ago and making big changes to accommodate for modern technology advances.

I'd like to hear what the higher-ups over at Microsoft have to say about it now

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AngelicIceDiamond2484d ago

"Commentators and speculators have called on Microsoft to spin off Xbox into its own entity or sell it on to another tech company, for some reason."

"I never got this mentality." Same here it was just a narrative.

The narrative here was Phil was doing such a terrible job that ppl here speculated he'll get demoted or fired and get replaced. When in fact hes at a higher position now than Don ever was, and admittedly Don was very good at selling the 360 (despite lack of games)

Could the X1 use big new AAA games yes that's what we all want from MS now its obvious now that Phil has more responsibility to pump out more games and content than ever before and believe it or not at least MS is trying, Cuphead is out now Crackdown, Sea Of Thieves, Ori and the Willow, and State Of Decay release next year and yes that's not much compared to its competition but then again MS has less studios so yeah they're definitely trying. The latter half of the 360 life span we've seen NOTHING at all from Team Xbox then they weren't even trying. Sales wise was all on Don with its policy's The Xbox will never catch up to PS and that's fine MS just needs to stay focused on delivering new games and features. Its still funny ppl around here thought Phil was getting canned or replaced when they have no idea what goes on behind
the scenes, again I get it, we all get it, they need bigger newer AAA's but the gaming industry consists of more than that, though that's one of the top things on what keeps a buissness going.

News flash N4G this place is a echo chamber, MS, Sony, Nintendo or AAA companies don't read comments here especially a site swarmed of fanboys ( why put yourself through a never ending headache). Assume the worst when in fact the quite the opposite is happening, let it be a lesson.

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Erik73572483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

The CEO of Microsoft is focused on making Microsoft more focused on software and getting out of hardware. You will probably see Xbox focus more on being a service on multiple devices and less focus on getting a Xbox console in consumers hands in the next 5 years. Atleast that's what I would do. I would be trying to figure out how to get people to pay for xbl gold with a smart tv,desktop pc, laptop,etc. Something like game streaming or game subscription service would work. Microsoft by far is the best positoned company to launch a streaming game service , they are leading in that industry of technologies.

Wintersun6162483d ago


"Microsoft by far is the best positoned company to launch a streaming game service , they are leading in that industry of technologies."

Now how does that work when Sony already has a streaming game service?

rainslacker2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

im getting the promotion means he's doing something ms is happy with. It doesn't change the narrative that people dont like what he's done for Xbox. If anything, it only shows that ms may be moving in a direction that will be even less appealing with the brand.

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rainslacker2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Spinning off Xbox isn't as bad as this article implies. It simply removes the brand from MS proper. It's purely a matter of how it shows up in investor reports, and likely wouldn't overly affect daily operations. In fact, it could make the brand more fluid, as they could be their own thing.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is it's own company that is owned by Sony, and for the most part it operates autonomously. They get their budget from Sony of course, but overall, they work on their own so long as they're making money. Outside of Sony maybe dictating some things, they can do what they will.

This could be a good thing for Xbox as well.

Selling it off is a completely different thing, and I don't see that as a proper solution to anything, as it removes all reason to help MS in any way. Selling it off would basically be MS leaving the market. Selling off assets to make money, which would eventually show up on the yearly financials as revenue. While assets are good, money is sometimes better....although assets have potential to be worth more....but now I'm getting into complex investment stuff.

Erik73572483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Back then when they heavily focused on hardware they saw consoles potentially replacing pcs. This shows in how Microsoft went at consoles with xbox 360, being focused more on media and online. Sony at this time didnt really see that yet and was focused on games and graphics for the console. But anyway, the whole reason they got into console was like you said but obviously 15 years later that's not really the case and PCs srill are used widley bt consumers. I think Microsoft didn't really foresee how big laptops/notebooks would be. You look at Microsoft and it's a total different company now that actually has a clear future in the market for future software in cloud computing, data servers, and services.

we will see them leave the hardware business and then somehow try to spin Xbox live into a service accross multiple devices. More money is made by the service than selling the console. If they can find a way to get consumers paying for their xbox live service on other devices they will sure as hell do it. They are already setting up the groundwork to do it on PC with the xbl marketplace and publishing their IPs on PC.

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XiNatsuDragnel2485d ago

Some real change over at Xbox!

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