Pure Opinion: Dear Developers, Please Don't Forget About Us Dial-Up Gamers

Pure PlayStation: Hannah, one of our top writers here at Pure PlayStation, has a problem: She doesn’t have broadband internet and she relies on a mobile dongle to get online. She got screwed over with Fallout 4: Game of the Year.

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nowitzki2004376d ago

Please dont forget about us Sega CD gamers.

Tetsujin378d ago

I actually agree with the author, and this is a big reason why I chose PlayStation over Xbox this generation. A lot of debate is "the majority have reliable, high speed Internet. LOL sucks to be you to depend on slower speeds" and other nonsense; when it reality, a big portion of the gaming community still relies on either limited access, or no Internet. It's easy to take for granted the high speed options, available patches, and extra content when ever you want, yet forget about those who still have limited to no access. I guess the majority who don't care will act like the market isn't geared towards them, but in reality they are just as important since they still provide the sale(s) needed to keep the gaming industry around.

I, for one still fully support offline gaming, and this is a big reason why I still say devs need to iron out the bugs/glitches because of situations like this. If a patch does need to be released, at least make it a reasonable size for people with limited Internet (slower speeds or data caps).

KillBill378d ago

How do you imagine Playstation will fair so much better for you in terms of connection than Xbox this generation?

Servbot41376d ago

Well Xbox One had a huge day-one update to remove the absurd DRM system they had in place. Couldn't get around it, it was required to even start playing games.

DillyDilly376d ago

How is any system better than the other in this scenario ? Not even the magical Sony has control over connection speeds

Tetsujin376d ago

At E3 2013 Sony made it clear that night you can play offline, while MS was stating you have to have always online (Before the day one patch). And there's also the Don Mattrick quote, "Fortunately there's a device for those without connectivity called Xbox 360." Then continues, "well if you have 0 access to the Internet it is an offline device."

This is the full version, including his take on the military and how it sucks to be on a submarine

Granted MS has cleaned up a lot of what happened from day one, but it still left a bad impression as a whole.

CyberSentinel378d ago

I would go unlimited data cellular hotspot plan, before I would ever go back to dial up.

FallenAngel1984378d ago

"Very few games nowadays include the option to play against someone in the same room without a data connection, though it is beginning to make a resurgence."

Only a few? There've always been plenty of games that featured local multiplayer on modern consoles.

KillBill378d ago

Though I agree with the idea games should be playable right out of the box without all this download garbage and constant patches and updates. (looking at you DICE) I do find issue with the thought she is using dial-up. When talking about 10-16mbps connections. I had a cable connection (no cable is not the same as dial-up) with only 2mbps and it was dead slow compared to what she is talking on.

For sure in a modern gaming world data plans really need to be looked at but we as users need to push the IP companies to change their direction and not let providers change how we game.

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The story is too old to be commented.