Now Ubi’s opened the door, can we have our “Skip Boss Fight” button?

John Walker writes: This is ground I’ve covered before. And each time there’s been a very similar reaction. In 2009 I suggested it was daft that I’m not able to just skip ahead while playing game, like I could in a film, book, or TV show. Of course that’s daft! I wrote back in 2012 about the idea of being able to skip fights, as a reaction to the despicable response to BioWare’s Jennifer Hepler’s suggesting that game combat should be skippable. Of course it should!

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naruga475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

@author ...are you really so retarded or you re just acting like one ?.... dont fing play games then ...go see movies ...what you r going to ask next ? launch the game and have the option to see the damn ending form Menu?

Babadook7475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

"Now Ubi’s opened the door, can we have our “Skip Boss Fight” button?"

Edgy journalism at its finest.

How about 'No'?!

NapalmSanctuary475d ago

Well,You know someone just had to go ring the retard bell. That said, this is just the natural progression from an industry that insists on prioritizing making games for people who don't actually like games,as opposed to focusing on the people who do. The sad thing is People who don't really like them could actually learn to appreciate, and even love them but the industry isn't as much the artist's and creator's industry that it used.

naruga475d ago (Edited 474d ago )

gameindustry is growing ecthetically so is natural for companies to try appeal to even bigger audiences that as you mentioned dont play games ...but cutting out the bosses is wtf ? is not a game anymore is smhtng else ....visual novel , interactive movie they can name it whatever the f k they want ....but it stops being a game....and on side we have these outrageous phenomena of paraeconomy that are not satisfied only by parasiting on games (thing that dont like or cannt get into), they want to completely change them ....i say to g fk themselves ...

Goldby474d ago

I bet far cry 4's alternate ending is his idea of a perfect game

Norad6475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Maybe you shouldn't be playing video games then. Crybabies who aren't very good at games want their "beat it for me daddy" button. Boohoo! Get good scrubs... If you can't handle the challenge of a game, watch a YouTube play-through then, or play something else.

remixx116474d ago

Yeah it's pitiful and sad, he'll games nowadays aren't even that hard compared to classic video games not to mention we already have difficulty options in most games.

This easy for the casual mentality has already roughed up destiny 2 by making it piss easy and taking away all choice of customization away from the gamer and "streamlinin" it.

474d ago
SaveFerris475d ago

Perhaps the author could watch the 'movie' made up of the cutscenes as there are plenty on Youtube. Would save them $60 too.

474d ago
NiteX475d ago

This seems to defeat the whole point of playing a game in the first place. Destroying the experience. Like others are saying... just watch it on youtube then.

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