Hawken Will Never Receive Full VR Support as Servers Set to Close

One of VR’s earliest hopefuls no longer has VR on the agenda.

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dragongod641147d ago

Glad i never got it and now never will.

dragongod641147d ago

No VR = No Money, Don't Buy Please. We as gamers need to take a stand that this is not ok with us.

ocelot071147d ago

It is a free to play game.

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titans99991147d ago

Another reason why I don't play on line only games.....

gangsta_red1147d ago

Played this game a couple of times because it was F2P and like most F2P games the polish was horrible and the UI confusing as hell.

I just don't understand how these F2P games all share these low qualities similarities.

Asuka1147d ago

Shame really as it was an amazing game. But i haven't played it in ages, and honestly if only "86" concurrent users are logging in to play then the cost alone to keep those servers up are not worth it. Hence why more games need to have offline singleplayer modes otherwise this game is going to go the way of MAG... unplayable.

This is why offline singleplayer experiences will never be "dead" as some people have been claiming in the industry.

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