Forza 6 vs Forza 7 Xbox One S Graphics Comparison – Lotus Elise on Rio de Janeiro Race Track

Forza Motorsport 6 had one of the best looking tracks among racing games, and Forza 7 is pushing graphics level even further. Let’s compare one of such beauties – Rio de Janeiro run in Lotus Elise powered by Xbox One S.
Please note that both games have predefined time of day and weather settings so matching the perfectly was simply not possible.

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jokerisalive475d ago

Look very similar. 6 is brighter and more vibrant but 7 has dynamic weather. Beautiful looking either way but not much difference overall visually.

Bigpappy475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I think they look exactly the same. They are both [email protected] It is just F7 in the video is set a bit darker. So it comes down to the other improvements like day/night cycle, weather, more cars and refined control to differentiate between them. Unless, of course, you are getting the X1X version with 4K HDR.

Dlacy13g475d ago

If you think they look the same you need your eyes checked. The shadow effects and textures alone are better

sizeofyou475d ago

Can someone tell me...Forza 7 'dynamic weather' it dynamic? I heard it was the same weather throughout/predetermined for each race?
Must say that they do look very similar if you discount lighting. Can see more detailed textures in 7 but better draw distance in places on 6. Also noticed in car, that the bonnet curve seemed to be a bit jaggy on 7 compared to 6 (2:25ish onwards).
A case of more optimised for XB-X maybe?

jokerisalive475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I may have heard the same about the weather that it plays out similairly thru many races changing and then clearing up. Not sure so I don't want to speculate. To me it just hasn't changed much visually since 6 and I know it will be native 4K on the X so it will look pristine but the look of the game is still the same wether it's 4K or not. It still has that colorful look that hasn't changed and keeps it from being more photoreal.

Rude-ro475d ago

It is listed as "dynamic" because it can go from sunny to rain... but it is not procedural dynamic.
It is a predetermined effect from beginning to end.

ProjectVulcan475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Forza 7 has some visual downgrades on various circuits well documented now on the Forza forums. It's probably compromises made to allow for the weather system or get it to run at 4K 60FPS on Xbox One X.


There are a few examples in there to see for yourselves.

Some circuits obviously have pared back visuals to hit the performance targets it seems, as seen in videos such as this:

Where Forza 7's foliage is pretty awful on Maple Valley, to the point Forza 4 six years ago on previous generation Xbox 360 hardware is far superior. This is very clear with external camera views, try from about 2:25.

Yes, those are 2D trees in Forza 7.....

Atticus_finch475d ago

Is there any real difference. People basically buying the same game. Smh

Bigpappy475d ago

A game is not only graphics. But I hope you are not one of the same people asking why we need a pro or X1X. But you are a good example of why These upgraded systems will succeed even if they just make games look better.

Atticus_finch475d ago

Papi you're in an graphics comparison article. But I agree there much more to games than graphics, don't forget that next time you talk about the way a game looks on the pro.

Septic475d ago

"Papi you're in an graphics comparison article."

I think you're the one not realising that.

"But I agree there much more to games than graphics"

So then, based on visuals alone why did you say:

"People basically buying the same game. Smh"

Make your mind up

deadfrag475d ago

Forza 7 haves more cars than Forza 6 and one more track,lighting engine is better ...I really dont understand the lack of new tracks.

IRetrouk475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I think it one new location not one new track, i think it has 10 or 11 new tracks compared to forza 6s original 21

tontontam0475d ago

Lol i think the real reason why we are seeing minimal upgrade in graphics is because they have prioritized native 4k resolution on xbox one x. They could have improved the graphics @1080p.

spreadlove475d ago

It is a game which was better rated than it's previous entry, and is the highest rated racing game this generation on consoles.

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masterfox475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

man this video really demonstrates that 250 more dlls difference SO MUCH POWAAA!!...................... .........NOT!! :D

Chuuzuu475d ago

These games are both running on the Xbox One S, the X is not used here to demonstrate the $250 difference.

Eonjay475d ago

I'm sorry but after seeing that video, what it is not worth $500 to upgrade. It is not worth $600+ for the TV. I mean (and this goes for the Pro) I am not playing $1100+ to play the same game at a higher res. It is not transformative, it is expensive when I could spend that same money on games. I will get a Pro one day maybe but not until its like $250, and I will only do that when my PS4 gives out unless the PS5 is announced and not until I get a new TV.

spreadlove475d ago (Edited 475d ago )


You need to get your eyes checked, and upgrade that screen to 4k first. Make sure you are seated too before it blows your socks off.

If it doesn't, you should stick to casual gaming.

Dlacy13g475d ago

better textures,better draw distance, better shadows and 4k display... that pretty much what one should expect is it not?

deadfrag475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Exactly the same settings,even see the Europlain landing and graphic wise the only diference its the lighting model.Sometimes Forza 6 even looks better on the draw distances some elements of the environment are more visible.Also saw some streaming issues loading texture assets on a building in Forza 7 were Forza 6 had none.

aaronaton475d ago

wow, the embarrassment is real. Can someone confirm or deny the vicious rumor going around that; you can outfit you driver in clown costumes, and they cost real money? If this is true, then wow indeed.

Jinger475d ago

Why is that wow?

You can buy stupid emotes for Nathan Drake doing the dougie and smacking his ass also...

aaronaton475d ago

Because Turn10 want people to take their game seriously perhaps? If the rumours are true, then Forza 7 is a casual racing experiene. Press Y to rewind if you like.

spreadlove475d ago

Is the Nathan Drake stuff in native 4k?

If not, no buy.

Jinger474d ago


and ND doesn't want to be taken seriously? Mmmmkay

Forza can be as casual or simulation as you want, that's the beauty of Forza.

spreadlove475d ago

That is kind of cool! lmao!

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