GameStop says more SNES Classic consoles coming "very soon"

GameStop today said that new shipments of SNES Classic are on the way and will be in stores "very soon".

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neocores8055383d ago

They said the same thing about the NES mini lol. I already got one but they need more hard info or when they get them hold them and put sign up saying we are giving them out in a day or 2

thegamefox93383d ago

This better come on a weekend instead. I'm out of sickdays :(

jjb1981383d ago

I waited 3 hours for one. Got it #9 of 12. They turned 30 people away. Some guy comes when we're walking in the store. Everybody says "That's it, that's all, no more". I told him to hang around just in case. He says "nah, going to best buy. So we go in there, I come to find out the first 4 people in line and one in the back behind me are in the same family. The employee say "one per household, I'll be checking IDs". They got busted because two girls decided to use the same debit card. The two guys in front with them walk out real quick. The one girl gets denied one and starts crying. She storms out, boogers on her sleeve and all. Cheers to the lady in the back who got the crying girl's SNES mini even though she had no clue what it was. Boooooooooo, to the guy that didnt hang around like i suggested. Gamestop drama.

franwex383d ago

Jeez, all this for a snes? Damn the scalpers.

jjb1981382d ago

They acted like they all wanted one but never played the originals. It's all about nostalgia for me. Super Mario World is a classic. Totally worth the wait because I actually felt like I was playing Super Nintendo and not on a PC.

Matrix6383d ago

Hopefully there won't be a supply issue by early next year, I might want to order one from amazon without needing to ninja it.