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GameBoyColor383d ago

Mario, stardew valley, and fe warriors for me. Damn it's gunna be expensive.

3-4-5383d ago

Definitely getting Super Mario Odyssey & Stardew Valley.

EddieNX 383d ago (Edited 383d ago )

Yono and the celestial Elephants looks good, I mean who doesn't want to play a Zelda Inspired elephant game?

But for me its SMO. Everything else is taking a back burner till I've got every moon in the game.

ibrake4naps383d ago

Calling it now, tiny barbarian is going to be better than mario odyssey

Prince_TFK383d ago

Stardew Valley and Mario O for me. Hope they multiplayer for Stardew Valley soon as promised.

LIGATURE383d ago

Stardew and axiom verge and mario later on

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