The Last of US PS4 Sale Puts the Game at $10

Check out this The Last of Us PS4 sale on Amazon to get it super cheap!

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WePlayDirty478d ago

It's too good to pass up at this price.

TheKingKratos476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

It's too good to pass on at 60$
I would buy at this full price if i didn't have it already
I would only do that to very few games

Old_Boss_476d ago

I'm feeling Last of us for PS+ in Dec dunno why.

NotAfanBoyy476d ago

It was $7.99 a year or so ago with the DLC included.

476d ago
chris235476d ago

is there still a person out there who hasn't played it already?

goken476d ago

yeah, Xbox fanboys and such

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