Behind The Xbox One X’s Architecture Part I – What Makes The GPU Special?

An in-depth look at the most powerful console GPU.

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freshslicepizza1478d ago

The whole system has been briliantly crafted in quite a small box.

babadivad1478d ago

The X1X is a console built with perfect hindsight 20/20 vision.

Bahamut1478d ago

This console does look great. Shame it doesn't have any exclusive games worth mentioning, or else I'd consider purchasing one. :/

LastCenturyRob1478d ago

Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Crackdown, Sea of Thieves,Quantum Break and others will never see the light of day on any Sony console and will require a $900 or more pc to run properly so crawl back into your hole little troll!

andrewsquall1477d ago

@LastCenturyRob Which is a shame as 3 of those games you just mentioned are made on the multiplatform game engine Unreal Engine 4. What a waste. Add State of Decay 2 to that list too.

jronj1477d ago

Agreed! I actually want a reason to buy one, but none of the xbox exclusives appeal to me. I really want to play PUBG but barring microsoft buying Bluehole, I'm pretty sure it will show up on the PS4 next year.

MegamanXXX1477d ago

It should help Microsoft sell over 30 million units now

Bahamut1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


THOSE are your examples?
No, buddy those games don't appeal to me. Halo's cool, no doubt, but the rest of that?

No thank you. Not interested at all. I'll just stick to literally every other available console instead.

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spreadlove1478d ago

MS should have called it the Xbox One Brilliant!

corroios1478d ago

The speed of 1172 MHz. It a huge overclock for consoles. The cooling system of the console is high end.

Bigpappy1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Yep. Everything has been taken into consideration here. From the GPU down to the way the hard-drive is utilized. It is just a well planned and designed console. Everything tuned to operate at peak performance when using M$ tools. Developer are loving this.

Bahamut1478d ago

Hopefully this turns things around for Xbox?

ABizzel11477d ago

I truly think it's too late for that, but we'll see. I think this would have been a much better investment of simply releasing a new console next year with this kind of mindset.

It worked for Nintendo with the Switch, the XBO-X would have benefitted from Vega architecture (RX 680 equivalent at, 8 TFLOPS over 6) and a better CPU making 4K native easier all around, and they still could have hit that $499 price by waiting a year for parts to decline.

It's a well designed console, but the original XBO sales haven't done anything for the XBO brand outside of NA, and the XBO-X being just a more powerful version of that console isn't going to do much IMO either. They need a fresh start, not the same with more power.

It'll do well at launch and a few months after, but I don't see it lasting too long into 2018.

Bigpappy1477d ago

@ABizzel1: It is always nice to speculate about even more power. But I wish M$ had address the power issue sooner. But at the same time, they were in a the position where they couldn't afford to leave a opening for Sony to effectively counter. They had to deliver a machine that would deliver 4K in a way that if Sony tried counter, it would be so expensive to do it in a significant way, that it would not be feasible in the very near future. I think allowing them to deliver the pro then coming with a much more powerful alternative, did exactly that. M$ wouldn't surpass PS4 sales, but they will make up some ground with a more powerful machine that is seeing heavy 3rd party support and should they release some games of their own that take full advantage of what the system is capable of. Sony I believe would take about 3 years to get a system that would be substantially more power.

rainslacker1477d ago

I will give MS credit for having created a very finely tuned system. I think it's a really elegant design focused around being able to craft games, while still providing the foundation for other features that are expected in today's console(OS implementation).

I don't know if I'd say everything is tuned to operate at peak performance ,but there are a lot of things in it which are very good at handling large amounts of data quickly, which is important for rendering graphics.

ArmrdChaos1478d ago

Although this is considered a mid-gen console it is more likely a test bed for the next gen console.

81BX1478d ago

Idk if it will be considered next gen with the way MS is heading but yes, you kind of get the impression this is a prelude to something greater down the line. The features xbl are bringing as well. Gaming for MS has been on a climb ever since they botched xb1 release. I don't want to think of where it would be if they hadnt

conanlifts1477d ago

Probably testing how much people are willing to spend as much as anything else.
Before i get hate for this comment i am buying it.

andrewsquall1477d ago

While not having anything like next gen architecture whatsoever and the exact same architecture that PS4 had in 2013? No, just no. More than likely GDDR6 will be the standard next gen and completely a new type of CPU too.

kbozz711477d ago

Not sure about the memory, guessing some form of HBM maybe? But you are right about the cpu. Can't keep using these weak netbook ones.

ArmrdChaos1477d ago

I figured it would be pretty obvious the cpu, gpu, and memory would change. I was referring to the vector cooling and other optimizations they created with this console. But with comments like "exact same architecture that PS4 had in 2013" it's pretty obvious where your response is coming from. If that were true there would be no difference in performance.

AAWELLS091477d ago

Doesn't say something positive about Sony? Sony or GTFO?

Ju1477d ago

This is such a bs article again. The gpu is vanilla as it can be. Higher clockspeeds and memory bandwidth granted. But it has no additional features, not even a fp16 mode. If anything, the customization comes from the CPU. It linearly scales above the Pro exactly based on those values. Nothing else. And where do they get the idea from, it can only handle 9GB? Just because that's the number ms threw at us which is the amount available to games? Gamingbolt. Armchair experts at its finest. Yet again.