Hands On With Shadow Of War On Xbox One X – First Impressions

ThisGenGaming Says: "The game was playable on a lot of different devices, yet it was clear the Xbox One X version of the game was the best one to play as the PC’s had visible screen-tearing and frame-drops (though that could have been due to the settings being configured poorly). So on to the Xbox Booth we went..."

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timotim1475d ago

The game looks jaw dropping on X!

DigitalRaptor1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

The game looks visually poor and underwhelming on any platform.
Utterly bland art direction, character models are just par for course, and environments with accompanying detail are simply unremarkable.
Horizon Zero Dawn on base PS4 looks a generation ahead of this game on any platform.

Though I'm sure that Microsoft's marketing deal with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment on this game has nothing to do with why they're trying to manipulate and make XB1X appear to be the best performing version! /s

KionicWarlord2221475d ago

There`s no manipulation here.

The game runs in native 4K 30.The pcs probably run the game at a higher framerate but the game is not locked at that framerate.

Most pcs dont even have the power to run games in 4K 60 FPS.

Use Logic sheesh lol.

The 10th Rider1475d ago

Why would they have to manipulate to make the XB1X version appear to be the best preforming? It'll be the most powerful console on the market so it makes sense that it would be . . . No manipulating needed. I don't care for Xbox and I've never owned an Xbox, but the amount of conspiracy theories you guys throw out there is ridiculous.

DigitalRaptor1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

The clue is in the article's description. Personal Computers.

It's not really a conspiracy theory when it's been proven that publishers do things like fake footage of games running on other platforms. I suggest you look up guerrilla marketing. This behavior to promote new hardware with a game Microsoft is in turn promoting for them is really not far-fetched.

Kribwalker1475d ago

glad you got all of that off these cell phone pics they got, cause the direct feed videos that have been out look amazing.

gangsta_red1475d ago


"when it's been proven that publishers do things like fake footage of games..."

That's pretty interesting especially when not long ago I asked the same question when a PS4 game showed a 3 second clip after a huge CGI movie with "does not represent gameplay" plastered on the bottom. But for some reason you didn't question that or wasn't curious as to why that was shown for an obvious CG movie.

But here we have full demos of gameplay available, multiple sources of devs stating this game is in native 4k and yet here you are trying desperately to say there's some type of conspiracy to make a console look better.

Not only that but your patented manuerver of unnecessary promoting of a PS4 game.

The game is not even associated or exclusive to Xbox but because of the marketing deal and the extra effort this drv put in for the Xbox X you have this uncanny need (duty) to down play it.

It's an amazing job you do I must say. To literally be this mad at anything you feel might threaten precious PS4.

Bigpappy1475d ago

With GT sports I see a lot of the replay vids and not the in-game.

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XStation4pio_Pro1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Seems like that’s performance worth the extra $100 (not to mention the bluray and audio). Less than the cost of 2 games difference of the Pro and you can have better performance for the next few years on pretty much every game released for it.

GamesMaster19821475d ago

Yeah like how Rise Of The Tomb Raider plays on the X in 4k.

GamesMaster19821474d ago

What i mean by Rise of the Tomb Raider is how bad it runs in 4K on this so called beast. Ill stick will 1080p and high fps anyday over 4k crap.

thexmanone1474d ago

Its still better then the Pro

zypher1474d ago

While I plan to get and XB1X (mainly for the Forza Horizon series), being able to play The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, God of War, etc., kinda trounces playing a slightly prettier version of a multiplat.

BenRC011474d ago

Exactly why I ditched my one x pre order.

Flewid6381475d ago

I've never owned an MS console, and that decision has nothing to do with horsepower.

At the end of the day I still have to enjoy the damn thing.

NXFather1474d ago

Best version is usually on pc. Good for console though.

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