Mariah Mallad is a Curvy Beauty and Her Cosplay is 100% Hot

COGconnected: Welcome to part 2 of our Mariah Millad cosplay feature. She is a gorgeous plus-sized model who has developed a reputation as one of the best.

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masterfox386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

The first page wasn't that yummy, but other pages Holy baloney of hell!!, she looks delicious. :D

nX384d ago

lol I'm glad I don't have your terrible taste I wouldn't even touch her if she had a good personality (which she doesn't)

Skull521383d ago

Some nerd has a crush... very misleading title.

morganfell383d ago (Edited 383d ago )


All she has done all day is post non-stop and take selfies about all the work she is doing for the Vegas victims. Its absurd. Its using the shooting to attention whore.

Bga22384d ago

She is fat and photoshoped. I don't see what's hot in that

CorndogBurglar384d ago

You must get all the hot girls....

jaekapow384d ago

Trust...i follow her on Twitter and IG and she isn't photoshopped.

morganfell384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

Well jaek it doesn't matter what she looks like. I do not necessarily find her unattractive but that is actually immaterial. If you understood she has no respect for, or knowledge of the characters she is cosplaying, she isn't doing it out of love for the source material, she is as shallow as the day is long, manipulates fans, perhaps you would unfollow her

Cmv38384d ago

Imo, when dudes call women of this size fat, its often because they are insecure of their own equipment satisfy a woman like this.

2pacalypsenow384d ago


or most dudes don't like 200 pounds sitting on them.

383d ago
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shauzy384d ago

that foundation is like concrete man

UKRsoldja384d ago

She's gross! I guess "curvy" is a synonym for "fat" these days..

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FallenAngel1984385d ago

She's not that plus sized. She's curvy in all the right places without it looking excessive

Smitty2020384d ago

Mate you should of gone go specsavers

Spike20XX384d ago

she's photoshopped in every picture so that you can't tell she's morbidly obese and she covers all her

PhoenixUp385d ago

A plus size model shouldn't cosplay as Lilith from Darkstalkers. She should've dressed up as Morrigan instead

Bga22384d ago

Slow gaming news day Cog?

Mr Marvel383d ago

Chubby is just a polite way of saying fat.