New gaming benchmarks revealed for Intel's Core i7 8700K & 8600K (six games tested)

Lab501 has broken the embargo and leaked some new gaming benchmarks for Intel’s upcoming CPUs, the Intel Core i7 8700K and the Intel Core i7 8600K. Lab501 has tested six games and according to their findings, there is not that big of a performance difference between the 7700K and the 8700K (despite the fact that the 8700K is slightly faster in most cases).

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monsoon_moon474d ago

The 8600k is an i5 dawg...

Asuka474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Yeah you wont be seeing a difference in terms of gaming with these. Maybe like a 2%-3% increase in frames compared to the 7700k.

Games do not use all those threads. The benefits you are going to seeing with 6c/12t is when you plan to encode and game at the same time on the same pc. Even then you won't see the full benefit of those threads. To get the most out of your 12 threads you going to have be doing something more optimized such as CC or Virtualization. But even CC sees diminishing returns after so many threads as the software isn't optimized for anything more than like 8 threads (at least going from my experience).

Really its a toss up on what software providers plan to do. Whether to release updates to support heavier threaded work, or do complete rewrites. Now that both Intel and AMD offer mainstream processors with >4 threads software providers are going to have to advantage of it. Which is a good thing. Divide the work over more cores/threads, means no need to overwork each core(lower frequencies) to meet the same performance, better overall efficiency (lower TDP) due to lower clocks. You can thank AMD for Intel to finally change things up and offer us more cores instead of brute forcing better performance with higher and higher clocks like they have been doing since 2011.

AMD is really ahead of the game in the tech department as they are the only one using MCM designed processors atm (Ryzen and soon to be Navi) with Nvidia (Volta) and Intel(Cannon/Ice Lake?) still trailing behind. MCM > Monolithic for better yields, efficiency, and better pricing for the end consumer.

474d ago
ProjectVulcan474d ago

You won't see a big difference now on many games at all but most people buy a CPU these days to last quite a long time. Eventually more game engines will transition to using more than 4 cores properly but it will still be a long slow slog to get there. As it is though any of these higher clocked intel processors absolutely dominate in gaming.

There is one important thing here to take away however with Coffee Lake, the mainstream cheaper platform from Intel.

With the Intel i3 line now being 4 core processors it should really throw the doors open to 4 cores being the absolute minimum inside everyone's PC over the next 2 years or so. It's been a long time since quad cores arrived on the scene (10 years) but 2 core computers have persisted for ages.

Coffee Lake finally signals the point where 4 cores should transition to being the lowest common denominator. It will gradually help motivate games studios to work harder on multi threading, at least for 4 cores.