Top 10 Games The Nintendo 64 Classic Needs to Have

Join Screen Critics Chase as he explores the 10 Nintendo 64 games he feels need to be on the inevitable Classic console (when it releases).

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jreeves82384d ago

I would add Conkers Bad Fur Day to the list.

Valkron1384d ago

Me too, but it's M rated

jaymacx384d ago

Microsoft owns that Franchise (RARE)

Legion21384d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo have been friendly in the past, like with Minecraft. Still highly unlikely, especially with the M rating and no Nintendo IPs showing up in Rare replay.

PhoenixUp384d ago

Don't expect anything included in Rare Replay to appear on a hypothetical N64 classic

bumbleforce384d ago

Ummm quest 64. The game that started the rpg surge on n64 lol

Yohshida384d ago

I dont think that alot of people would buy into that. N64 wasnt really popular and the games aged horrible.

zuul9018384d ago

N64 wasnt popular? Look i really dont care about sales comparisons. I saw 64s everywhere, and even if its half or 1/4 or whatever that doesnt mean it wasnt popular. Less popular sure but to say "wasnt really popular" you cant truly believe. Every other kids house i went to had one.

Yohshida384d ago

Well, in germany almost noone had one.

384d ago
NexusFX384d ago

Many people don't realize that 007 Goldeneye will very likely not be on the system, the licenses are all over the place for that game

384d ago
Thomaticus384d ago

F-Zero X.... That should be the first game on the list.

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The story is too old to be commented.