CoD WW2 Wasn't Motivated By Current Politics But Wants To Ensure History Doesn't Repeat Itself

GameSpot: "We talk with Sledgehammer co-founders Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey about creating a World War II game in 2017."

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FallenAngel1984386d ago

Press F/X/A to pay respects towards WWII

PleasureZone384d ago

Our youth may squander their primes on frags, dope headshots, montage material teabags, and volatile killstreak economies but, when this game drops, they'll walk away just a little wiser.... this time

NickAwesome384d ago

By including a black female nazi paratrooper as a playable character in multiplayer... Say what you will but this need to include diversity in every single, stupid thing, just to get a few more sales is disgusting.

Glemt384d ago

Hmmm, I understand your argument, and I think I've heard it before from people who, as it turned out, had the biggest problem with political correctness in the sense that it was forced on them. I sense the same in your 'just to get a few more sales', and I respect that feeling. Adding different races and genders in multiplayer might seem factually/historically inaccurate (it most assuredly is) but it does add to the public's awareness. You might not feel it's working on you consciously, but time after time psychological and sociological studies have shown you need to be fed data to get accustomed to things. So having more races and genders appear in all forms of media, in all ways of life, is a good thing for those who want egalitarianism.
The fact that such games stay as true as they deem fitting to single player campaigns shows that difference in thinking, and also shows there is no need for diversity in every single, stupid thing. CoD's multiplayer will be one of the biggest multiplayer games out there, so I think it's very wise they choose to add diversity instead of using historical accuracy. Going on a tangent here... historical accuracy in a WW MP CoD game would make it completely different anyway. I mean, I would like stamina then as well, fear, trauma, perma death...

It's never really about the diversity, I mean we allow versions of games where there are zombies! It's about feeling forced, feeling fear, and getting your own customs questioned. These things aren't easy, and it's a good thing people recognise that struggle too.

By all means I did not mean to attack you, just hope that I've been able to shed a different light on the matter that gives food for thought : )

Retard384d ago

110% missing the point

Eyesoftheraven384d ago

200% missing the point. You're like the 4k super-sampled 1080p of missing the point.

EatCrow384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

We've been accustomed to diversity for a long time. We don't need this crap forced in.

That said unfortunately history IS repeating itself. That's mainly due to the mainstream ignorance of facts VS opinions. Communism uses opinions more then facts to create chaos, control the people and media. It's pretty effective.

Kuma384d ago

Just more PC BS revisionist history that ruins the experience.

bluefox755384d ago

If it were being motivated by current politics, Black Ops would be a far more relevant game. The sheer number of self identified communists simply dwarfs the number of self identified national socialists.

AnubisG384d ago

The line is blurry between a communist and a socialist. Every communist starts out as a socialist.

Glemt384d ago

And then there is the fact that 'Communism' in theory and 'Communism' in historical practice are two very different things. So far, there has been no government in the world that adhered to the theoretical governance of communism, they all became totalitarian dictatorships.

AnubisG384d ago


You are a marxis aren't you?

Communism has been tried and it always turns out the same way everywhere. Bloody murders. Way more people killed by communism than the Nazis. Communism should NEVER EVER be "tried" anywhere ever again. It does NOT work because human nature is not compatable with that ideology. If you think it has not been tried than you need to be educated. I'm from Hungary. Hungary was a communist country until 1990. You know what happened when communism ended and capitalism begun?? PROSPERITY, FREEDOM, SAFETY, SECURITY, OPPORTUNITY.

Get out of here with that stupid crap that you regurgitate because you heard it from either your marxist professor or some other marxist idiot. If you want communism, than go to North Korea.....Communism ALWAYS turns into dictatorship, ALWAYS. And people suffer and die. Don't even fucking mention it has not been tried!

EatCrow384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

It ain't blurry... It's invisible. Pretty much the same thing. Socialism paves way to communism. And unfortunately many countries are headed in that direction.

You remind me of young people who think they are better then those that came before. If anyone tries communism it always ends the same.

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