Forza Motorsport 7 Review: What Could Have Been I Shacknews

Another Microsoft racing gem sullied by PC port issues.

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UCForce2195d ago

Hmm, Microsoft really need to get a grip with PC community especially PC port.

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Bigpappy2195d ago

Stutter and freezing on PC, but still the best racer on PC. I still don't think it was done on purpose to try and steer people to the X1X and the writer does not even hint at that. But he might be hinting at the Xbox version getting more attention than PC.

SniperControl2194d ago

"but still the best racer on PC"

Far from it, i have played both on PC and find PC2 a more accurate and real to life driving experience, if anything, F7 is more of a arcade racer now, think Turn 10 have catered the game more for the casual gamer.

LordoftheCritics2194d ago

FM7 is a much better racer than PC2.

My opinion to your opinion.

Software_Lover2194d ago

Are you playing on "default" or have you actually gone in and changed the settings to your liking.

Sgt_Slaughter2194d ago

There's plenty more games that are better on PC than PC2 and FM7 that weren't even released this decade.

freshslicepizza2194d ago

The game will get many updates by the time the XB1X comes out so I dont agree they are pushing people in that direction purposely.


Game looks beautiful though

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tontontam02193d ago

Lol people are now treating the original xb1 as non existent.

Razzer2194d ago

"Stutter and freezing on PC, but still the best racer on PC."

lol....sorry. Nope. If it is having all those issues then you cannot make that claim.

AcidDvl2194d ago

Dirt Rally wipes the floor with Forza 7...

AmUnRa2193d ago

Yeah... No F7 in NOT the best racer on PC.
PC2 beats F7 on PC cous PC2 is a sim and F7 isn't.

Lamboomington2193d ago

I don't like how everyone wants to shit on Forza 7 here, but I have to say that after playing the Forza 7 demo, I did not like it compared to what I've played from PCars 2 (although apparently PCars 2 has some cars that are unplayable on controller)

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alb18992194d ago

So much, is not exclusive, PC is the best version, I play it on PC...... hahahaha, I'll play it on the X!!

LordoftheCritics2194d ago

''Objectively, Forza Motorsport 7 is an excellent game. It has the looks, the sounds, and the feel of a champion.''

And then he gives it a 6 and says he would give it a 9 if a patch arrived?

Forza 7 is nothing short of spectacular.

UCForce2193d ago

It's technical problems on PC. Microsoft really need to fix the port.