The Sad State of DLC Need or Greed?

With almost weekly controversies between Monolith and WB's Shadow of War, 2K's 2k18 controversy, and lastly Bungie and Activision's Destiny 2, and Call of Duty WW2 all involving some controversial uses of microtransactions and DLC. These actions are all in the name of supporting the developer, but are they? Are these practices become more harmful then useful? Is it really supporting the developers, or a select few? Lastly, where do we as gamers draw the line? Bat Bit Games, host Joseph, discusses all these things and where he draws the line when it comes to DLC.

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guywazeldatatt389d ago

I'd hope that the game is a complete unlike the original Destiny. Yet it still roped people in...

TGG_overlord389d ago

One can only hope I suppose...

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2600Thunder389d ago

The man speaks the truth, speaking from experience. Glad to see this posted here to support his growing channel. Another independent gaming enthusiast spreading a great pro-consumer message and unwilling to suck up to publishers.

Matrix6389d ago

Publishers are the ones to blame, right?
I've abandoned SFV because of what they've started with their fighting games.

ifrit_caress388d ago

It's publishers, the people who defend this garbage practice, the corporate schills and, to a lesser extent, the people/consumer.

TheHan389d ago

I remember when developers used to create their game putting as much content as possible anything they felt was gonna make the game bigger and better than the previous one. Then once it’s all said and done the developers think of more things they would of liked to add to the game after they’ve already maxed out the content on the Disc. So they decide to add more to the game as DLC.

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The story is too old to be commented.