Ataribox Details Finally Emerge. I’m Still Not Impressed

Back in July, Atari made waves by announcing the Ataribox. In an interview with GamesBeat back then, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed that the company was working on a new console. Details were very scarce at the time; the only information available included photos and Chesnais’ confirmation that Atari was “back in the hardware business.” Some folks were curious, others hopeful. I was neither. Fast forward to last Monday. Atari general manager Feargal Mac Conuladh announced more details about the Ataribox, putting some theories to rest.

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PhoenixUp444d ago

Atari hasn't done anything impressive in a long time

Godmars290443d ago

Atari is long gone. This is a company just rehashing/exploiting the name.

443d ago
theXtReMe1442d ago

I talked to the owner of this ‘Atari’ about a year ago and told him that anything less than the PS4 is pointless. Even that, at a bare minimum, is still backwards thinking. They should have made a mid to high end PC that allows play of every PC game ever made via Steam plus the new stuff. Even if they released it at $400-$800, with options for casual to enthusiast level hardware. Giving gamers a huge backlog, along with the ability to play all Xbox games and stream PS4 games. Not to mention, have access to every emulator.

Whatever the hardware currently is, has very little chance of breaking through to anyone other than Atari fans from yesteryear with spare money to spend. I love the idea of Atari coming back... but only an Atari that competes with modern hardware. Not a Linux Multimedia box, which anyone can currently build on their own, with an Octacore processor and decent GPU and memory for $100-$200.

Truthfully, a Steam box is a much better option. Giving gamers something that can compete with and surpass modern consoles, with tens of thousands of games and the ability to run anything from Android, also.

Im not sure what he was thinking, as I told him that I would love to help him make Atari the company it once was... but, this certainly isnt the way to go about it... unless they offer gamers the ability to make the Linux box of their dreams with an easy to use interface and that classic Atari style... I dont see this being anything other than a passing curiosity with little chance to survive.

Einhander1971442d ago

I was hoping that it was going to run steam out of the box, all those retro shmups I would love to own on that service are vast. But let's wait and see.

kwijgaming442d ago

It's getting easy to bet against this thing