Gears Of War MMO Found In Project E

Blend Games writes: "All right, so what if you were playing an MMO RPG-shooter based on the gameplay likes of Gears of War? Would it not be the coolest thing ever? Well, in some regards that's exactly what an upcoming project, code-named Project E, is doing. So you want to take a look? Of course you do.

Project E is an upcoming project (duh) by Game Hi. The game mirrors the likes of most online RPGs via quests and leveling, but has all the fast-paced, intense action of a third-person shooter. To be more exact, Project E is almost an exact replica in the playing-style of Gears of War. What's more, though, is that this is one of six projects currently under the development wing of Game Hi, a southeast Asian company"

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Fishy Fingers4738d ago

Got to say it sounds ****ing promising. Fingers crossed it turns out good or doesn't get canned.

UE3 I imagine (pretty easy if you wanna resemble Gears) so hopefully multiplat to. Need info (Johnny 5)!!

dro4738d ago

i agree, it looks very promising. i just hope they dont mess it up and keep it original and not make it too much like gears.

INehalemEXI4738d ago

That would be nice. Wheres Huxley though?

4738d ago
Fishy Fingers4738d ago

Ahhh I noticed but it was to late to edit. Gutted :(

+1 for observation.

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dro4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

i guess u just replyed to ur own comment internet trolling expert.. XD
by looking at the 2 names its obvious u just switched to another account,and it said joined n4g 24 min ago in ur first account.!!!!

4cough4738d ago

factoid for you..........

PS3 could not handle a game like this with its 256 of RAM

Fishy Fingers4738d ago

Lucky Sony put 512mb into each one then huh.

heyheyhey4738d ago

evidently the 360 can't either... since the game is a PC-exclusive

KiddyBrownTurd4738d ago


ps3 now has only 128 megs of ram.

MvmntInGrn4738d ago

Slightly confusing title.

Looks interesting. Says it is a 2010 game so we have awhile.

dro4738d ago

lol, i tried to think of another title but i could not come up with one!!! XD i felt the same way when i saw it.

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The story is too old to be commented.