PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets New Trailer and Lots of Info on the Draugr and More

Sony Santa Monica shares a trailer showcasing beautiful artwork of God of War, alongside a lot of information on the Draugr and other creatures.

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AspiringProGenji412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

I am so ready to dig the Norse Myths. I'm pretty sure Sony SS will teach more about Norse myth than school or other media ever did (looking at you Marvel), just like they taugh me Greek Myths

opinionated412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

There isnt a whole lot of source material compared to Greek mythology. Almost everything derives from the Poetic Edda. The good news is that they have a ton of freedom to make their own lore using some great characters and personalities. The framework is there for something great but i wouldn't expect to learn anything new that you haven't already known.

morganfell412d ago


That isn't exactly accurate. There is a great deal of material that does not rely on Snorri. Many writers simplistically fall back on him and ignore other sources as they seek to put their own spin on classic tales. Re-imaginings, usually disgusting literary affairs. He has a major influence because of the Eddas, and certainly as history goes the Heimskringla is important. But there is plenty to read aside from him. I love his works but there is more than Sturluson. I have read a little bit about the subject because of my family's Scandinavian heritage:

The Sagas are a great source, numerous and abound in history and rich myth. Also there are works such as those of Saxo Grammaticus - a must have for any aficionado. A good deal of material comes from documents written as a history yet they contain numerous mythological stories and references. And much of the Norse legends are Germanic in origin so that offers even more sources. The Saga of Hervör and Heithrek is quite important and was a huge inspiration for Tolkien and his writings while also plying into Swedish history.

Snorri's impact on Norse myth is massive, no doubt. Its irrefutable and the most prominent. But he isn't alone nor was he always good for myth. Some works offer insight to where he actually altered myths for no reason other than the fact he was Christian, and either by intent or accident in many ways he crafted some of the stories to be less than they could have been. I suggest people read The Seed of Yggdrasil for that info.

opinionated412d ago

Nice collection dude. I will have to check a few of those out. I didn't mean to sound like there isn't more to look into, I was just comparing it Greek mythology.

When I startes looking into Norse it was really hard to find something that wasn't the same thing retold like you mention. It seemed like it all came from the same spot unlike the Greeks which you can find a wealth of information on.

morganfell412d ago


Its all good. I didn't mean to sound like you were way off the mark either. For most people it is the Eddas that will be the foundation of everything they will ever know about Norse mythology. And for them it will be enough.

But those of us that want to look further, there is more to find. After all my immediate family passed, I grew curious and did the route and ran my DNA as well. Surprise. Scandinavian by a mile. So I had to find out more. Plus Norse mythology is so much darker than other mythologies I have enjoyed such as Greek, Egyptian, and Indian. I recommend The Saga of Hrolf Kraki because it tells the story of Bodvar Bjarki - the blueprint for my favorite Tolkien character, Beorn. Plus it is a really good story of the patience required for true revenge. Also The Sagas of the Volsungs, Njals Saga, The Sagas of the Icelanders which also contains The Vinland Sagas (Step off Columbus, step off).

There is a lot out there, a great deal of it more historic in nature than straight mythology but early Norse society was different than most others. They had no word in ON (Old Norse) for religion because it was not seen as a separate aspect of life but was ingrained into all things in the world. If you want a different take on that life, try reading "Ibn Fadlin and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North". This is a series of historic accounts that form the basis for Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead, which in turn became the movie The 13th Warrior.

opinionated412d ago


I would gladly be wrong on something like that, I'm a fan of most mythologies like you. I will definitely check out that Seed of Yggdrasil book. Who wrote that Norse dictionary? When you say historic do you mean the saga books are Viking era tales? I really like that the new God of war is pre-Viking. It's more in that myth realm of things.

Yeah I like the darkness of it. It makes sense that marvel took inspiration because they are more like heroes (or villains) than gods. Extraordinary people with everyday ordinary problems like the rest of us. They are more like the watchmen imo lol.

morganfell412d ago

Yes, the Sagas are interwoven with some mythology but several of them tell stories - amazing GOW type stories in some cases - of historical Scandinavian figures or individuals believed to have existed. Some of Wagner's Ring Trilogy draws on Norse history and mythology found in some of the Sagas. I mentioned Bodvar Bjarki earlier. In the Saga of Hrolf Kraki he is a Berserker - a shape shifter known as a Berserker or Ber serkir (Bear Shirt) in ON. These warriors could change into a creature similar to a werebear in battle. In reality some Vikings were considered Berserkers going into combat shirtless or sometimes wearing bear skins and would fight in a mad battle rage. They are similar to the legends of the Ulfhednar or Wolf Shirts. Bodvar shares a lot of similarities with Beowulf and may have been drawn from the same source.

And yes many of these individuals in the Sagas are supposed earlier Viking warriors and Kings. Some of them real and some legend like Ragnar Lodbrok about whom there are stories - Ragnar's Saga Lodbrokar. - but hard evidence of his existence is lacking.

I have several Norse dictionaries but they are more like encyclopedias. I recommend the one by Rudolf Simek. It is the most referenced and comprehensive:

For actual dictionaries you may want to tackle Icelandic first since it is the modern language that most resembles Old Norse. But regarding ON, Jesse Byock has done the best courses available with full audio support in many cases:

Be aware that The Seed of Yggdrasil is more of a reference book breaking down the writings than it is a tome of stories. It delves into manuscripts kept from the public for over a thousand years. It also shows errors in past interpretations and the real meaning of some ON idioms and the like. It demonstrates where Snorri just made up characters now believed to have been part of Norse Mythology when they weren't. The writer, Maria Christine Kvilhaug has done extensive work in philology and really has no equal in this department. It is utterly fascinating. Look at the name Ivar the Boneless. Many people assumed he was a cripple but that may not have been the case since Boneless in Old Norse shouldn't be strictly translated as it can mean someone that does not have sympathy or feelings of compassion for anyone and we know that to be the case with the historic Ivar. I like Vikings but that show is about as historically accurate as the movie Tombstone meaning it isn't accurate at all in many ways. Kvilhaug also has a youtube channel:

KingKelloggTheWH411d ago

They will take huge liberties though..and people wont understand that

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_-EDMIX-_412d ago

I can't wait

is there even another high level hack and slash game besides God of War that is coming next year?

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FallenAngel1984412d ago

It'll always be God of War 4 to me

bigmalky411d ago

No it's not. It's a continuation of canon. Following on from GoW III.

If it forgot about Kratos' past, it would be a reboot, soft or otherwise. But it doesn't. It's a continuation of Kratos' life... Sequel.

UCForce411d ago

@bigmalky Soft reboot is a sequel but revamped something new.

bigmalky411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Invented term. So, the 2000s Robocop is a reboot. New actor, timeline reset, no follow on from the original, entirely different story.

God of War. Kratos, after his adventures in Greece, has moved to Scandanavia , had a child, and has settled down. Same character, continued story, still the protagonist... It's a sequel, new style gameplay or not.

Relientk77412d ago

I'm excited for this. I love the new style of the game

CyrusLemont412d ago

That theme song is stunning and looks to be so iconic and memorable. Not enough credit going towards that given how unforgettable video game soundtracks are these days.

I also want something like this for Snoke in the new Star Wars please. Imagine that and when the song turns positive and uplifting you see Luke with his green saber in a stand off. SO F***** OT but I can’t help. TLJ is so close.

Zeke68412d ago

Looks great ! Can't wait much longer. Hopefully times goes fast until release.
Thank god I get GT Sport and Wolfenstein II in a few weeks to occupy me while waiting for this masterpiece.

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