PC JEUX Magazine: First Fallout 3 review

First review has been unleashed on the wild. This coming from French magazine PC JEUX:

"Thus, the fear that Fallout 3 could be a post-apocalyptic Oblivion is totally gone. A few hours with the game will be enough for Fallout veterans to get their habits back and be able to walk with confidence through the game. New players will not feel totally lost either because references to the previous games are rather scarce and discrete. If most changes brought to the series are technical, the spirit is still there, sort of. Indeed, it's a shame that this episode is so serious. It has lost, it seems, a good deal of the humour and even irony that was part of the series. Cinematographic references or completely twisted conversations with NPCs are gone. Aside from this, Fallout 3 is an excellent RPG and a good Fallout. The score is rather different but the music stays the same."

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CloudsEnd5348d ago

i atleast expected something like 9(,)5+... :/

CEO of Troll Corp5348d ago

They must have reviewed the xbox version,dont worry,the Ps3 version is superior thus will receive higher review marks

Stubacca5348d ago

So glad this game is gonna kick ass!

Can't wait for it.

Killjoy30005348d ago

Well, the 360 was the lead version (which sucks ass), so we'll see how this stupid fanboy battle pans out.

original seed5348d ago

It sucks that its coming out so close to Fable. No way can i complete fable in one week with work and life in the way. I know once Fallout comes out i'll most likely be playing this all the time. Poor FarCry is going to be collecting dust on my shelf

TheTimeDoctor5348d ago

i have the same feeling for fable as i do for little big planet. the hype machine has become rabid and i just don't get it. fallout on the other hand is going to be incredible. farcry could go either way.

t_tocs5348d ago

Forget Fable...get Fallout. Hands down, Fallout will crush Fable in the reviews

5348d ago
christian hour5348d ago

I would hardly compar fable to fallout... sure they are both rpgs, but thier both completely different rpgs that appeal to completely opposite tastes. Its like saying gears 2 is going to beat Viva Pinata 2 in reviews... and thats why you should buy a game :P on metascore reviews?

Both games are on my must buy list definitely.
As well as LittleBigPlanet... and... about a million other games coming across all platforms this winter that will cause me to file for bankruptcy. God damn...

TheDude2dot05348d ago

That was a horrible analogy. You sure can compare because they are both RPGs. Same thing with Halo and Resistance. Both are FPSs. Viva Pinata and Fallout are nowhere near each other though.

christian hour5347d ago

Yes they are both rpgs. but totally different rpgs. There are many different types of rpgs. theres only really one form of FPS.

TheDude2dot05347d ago

So what? They are both RPGs.

That's like saying that you can't compare Halo and Resistance because, while they are both FPSs, they have different controls, so they are not the same.

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r2kcipher5348d ago

at least above a 95/100.. i will be getting it regardless of the reviews though..

Daver5348d ago


I think its gonna be a very good game with good reviews but it wont be the game of the year (my opinion)

PS3Freak5348d ago

wow, complaining already? Whats wrong with a 9.3 thats VEry good, just accept that games can't always get a 10/10.

El_Colombiano5348d ago

I don't buy games that other people like/dislike. I buy games that I like.

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t_tocs5348d ago

It's ok...they're French. They are allowed to make mistakes. The American's and Brits will get it right with 10/10's... =)

N4U5348d ago (Edited 5348d ago )

gives a game a 10/10, I won't buy it, PERIOD!

No 9/10's, no 9.9 out of 10.0's, no A out of F to A+'s...NO, I NEED a 10 out of freckin' 10...every time...from everyONE!

I've had enough with AA games. I want a true tipple-A game. A true gem. Enough with all the "oh, this is a good overall game, maybe even great, but it doesn't own all previous games in all aspects" crap. If only I were a dev, people would realize how truly great a game can be. Wait, I can be a dev...LBP will allow me to show you my god given talent! Hopefully LPB gets 10/10's across the board because I'd feel ashamed if I didn't get to share my creativity with the world.

So I heard that "Zelda: Ocarina of Time" scored somewhere in the vicinity of 98ish (99?) out of 100 across a large sampling of sites...NOT.GOOD.ENOUGH!

While I was tadpole back in the school days, I would cry home to my mommy anytime that I got anything less than perfect (100%) grades on tests or progress reports. It didn't happen too often, but when I did get a 99% or less I'd use that sadness that would inevitably overcome me as incentive to not let it happen again - call it conditional learning. It seemed to work, as I got noticeably better at getting perfect scores in classes as I matured - scored 4,600 pts. out of a possible 4,604 w/out any attempts at "extra credit" during my senior year at H.S. Note that I did not take an English (i.e. writing) class that year - I'm a math and science kinda guy.

Ask me about the "Theory of Relativity" and I can talk all day long - after changing my underwear due to the presence of various creams - but if you ask me what the irony is in a situation, I'll likely point you to the Fe on the periodic table followed by a small lecture on oxidizing and ionic compounds (Fe2(SO4)3 ftw!). What can I say? Science is on my mind.

I guess my point is - btw, I'm also very good at going off on tangents, which, ironically is math related... which has me thinking about calculus, physics in specific - that if people, as a whole, accept mediocrity in games (reviews) then we are likely to see a lot more mediocre games. The developers need an incentive to put added effort into their work, but why should they if flawed games - and most 9/10 type games do have a lot of flaws (e.g. GTA4)- sell like hot cakes? Answer: they won't. Solution: stop buying mediocre games!

With the exception of when writing, I'm a perfectionist - I've come to accept that grammar and punctuation were not firmly planted in my hippocampus as a young lad.

...anywho, I digress again. OK, on point. I'd like, for at least one time in my life for there to be a truly excellent game. I chose my words carefully there because I know that perfection isn't attainable *looks at own writing and shakes head in embarrassment* but a game that nails story, balance, game play, music, immersion, broad appeal, and graphics simultaneously IS possible, I just haven't seen it yet.

You think my expectations are too high? Think again. It can and will happen some day, the laws of quantum physics implies this to be the case, assuming humans live forever *sheds tear from left eye*. I probably won't ever see the day that that game will hit the shelves, but it WILL come. So, I will keep my fingers crossed and eyes on team ICO.

...and yes, I do understand the concept of subjective vs. objective - of course I do, I'm a science guy;)

Wow, I'm a little long-winded today...oh well, wasted too much of my time to delete it all at this point so...*finger moves down to Add Reply*

christian hour5348d ago

n4u... wow.

Ever think of playing a game and enjoying it for yourself, rather than listening to what game reviewers have to say about it.

I was pretty sure you were been sarcastic at first... But as I read down... it looks like you're never ever goin to play a game ever again in your life :P

Mozilla895348d ago

Yeah I was thinking he was being sarcastic too but I dont know... Have fun not playing games!

airheadluffy5347d ago

lol @ 3.1's comment. i guess youll be missing some great games.

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Deviant5348d ago

more than ive expected tbh :) .
ill get it for sure .