Peter Moore Interview: The Tattooed Man

When Peter Moore shows his guns, Xbox fans cheer. Over the past three years, Moore's beefy arms have revealed the release date for Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Though Moore may be running out of space on his biceps for Xbox-related tats, he remains enthusiastic about the future of Microsoft's once fledgling Entertainment and Devices Division.

Following the release of Microsoft's Q2 financial results (which saw a 76 percent spike in revenue over the holidays), Moore spoke with IGN to discuss the state of Xbox 360. Moore candidly spoke about what PS3 has that Xbox 360 needs, how Microsoft's fortunes can be changed in Japan and why the Halo 3 beta needed Crackdown

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TheMART5722d ago

Very nice read!!!

And to end this once and for all for all Sony fanboys that keep dreaming about these exclusives:

"We do a lot of portfolio planning, not only with first part, but also with third party. On top of those this year both BioShock and Splinter Cell 5 are exclusive to our platform."

DJ and others, you see???

Bioshock exclusive on 360
Next Splinter Cell exclusive on 360

And more to follow... While Sony's 3rd party are free to go... DMC4 we'll see the announcement soon. Konami will bring some nice announcement also not long from now. I bet the new E3 we'll have nice stuff

The great 15722d ago

Big deal Bioshock and Splinter Cell, really big deral considering i for one am getting fed up of all the repetitive FPs, only resistance has brought somethign new to the table lately, Splinter cell is boring, bla bla bla, in that other article you accused me of being a major Sony fanboy which i am, however reading yur posts is a joke, for you to cal anyone a fanboy with some sort of petty aggression os laughable when you see what an exstremist with no life you are.

TheMART5722d ago

Yup big deal

I don't like Splinter Cell myself. BUT it's a big name for gamers in general.

Bioshock is one of the most, if not THE most anticipated game of this year.

It seems like lately you like to personally attack me on posts and with posting a complete topic with my name on it in the news section. You're a sad guy, a real fanboy, extremist of the worst kind. You know you break the rules by doing personal attacks like that? Get banned soon dude

Icryo5722d ago

I support all 3 consoles but i agree Mart that the 360 is doing well at the moment. Whether this continues through this crucial year though is a matter of debate. I just wish Microsoft had got things right with Xbox1. Then the 360 could build on that success and Microsoft's Xbox brand power would hold more influence. I really do hope Microsoft get things right with 360. And i don't want to see an Xbox 3 on shelves in 4 years time! More like 6-7 years (to have a decent lifespan)

power of Green 5722d ago (Edited 5722d ago )

Yah! the Xbox 360 needs to be right in the middle of Xbox and PS2 not too short and not too long.

coxyefc5722d ago

i hate console fanboys with a passion

slugg5722d ago

The Sony Drones say, Peter Moore is obviously better educated, more well-spoken and probably more intelligent that the doofus crew from Sony (Kaz, Ken and Phil). When he talks he makes sense, he doesn't outright lie about his company and its products (like Sony's crew does). It's obvious that he and a lot of other people at Microsoft learned a lot from the Xbox vs. PS2 days, and are making a LOT of the right moves to make the Xbox 360 the leader in this generation of gaming. Sony, in the meantime, keeps shooting of its collective mouth and shooting itself in the foot.

zonetrooper55722d ago

Tell me The great 1 how Resistance did something new? I also consider Half Life series, Halo series, Counter strike, day of defeat, Battlefield series, call of duty series and Red Orchestra better FPS than Resistance which looks awful.

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