Why Pokemon Gold and Silver are the best games in the series

"Pokemon Gold and Silver recently released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Here’s why we think these two classics are the best games in the series."

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PhoenixUp386d ago

Pokémon Crystal is even better

-Foxtrot386d ago

They basically took everything we loved about Pokemon Blue/Red and evolved it by adding a shit load of new features.

It's a shame that these days Gamefreak are all about adding stupid gimmicks like Mega evolutions, Ultra Beasts and the like rather then advancing the game more. Like instead of focusing on creating amazing designs for every new Pokemon they are wasting their time designing Ultra Beasts.

thatguyhayat385d ago

Pokemon fusion is next. You heard it here.

2pacalypsenow386d ago

Still got my original copes and SoulSilver.

slate91386d ago

Went hard on pokemon red and silver!

Teflon02385d ago

Crystal is, but I do agree it's the best games Gen wise

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