Blizzard working on new First-Person game possibly related to Overwatch, and an MMO RTS!

New job postings over at Blizzard reveals two unannounced projects - a new "visually stunning" first-person game that could very well be Overwatch 2, and an MMO RTS for mobiles.

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bluefox755439d ago

Wish they'd work on Diablo 4.

Relientk77438d ago

That's what I want from Blizzard the most

I'll take a Warcraft 4 as well

Profchaos439d ago

It's more likely a expansion pack to Overwatch

Michiel1989438d ago

That's not more likely. All updates have come through patches anyway and they said they didn't want to suddenly increase the hero pool by a lot. Also they have made quite some pve content now and said they wanted to continue with that.

Its prob Overwatch 2 or overwatch single player/coop story stuff.

showtimefolks439d ago

Hopefully something with single player campaign

kevnb438d ago

I doubt overwatch 2 is coming out already, maybe an expansion or spinoff.

TargusX438d ago

Not intersted in Overwatch. Am Interested in Diablo 4 / Warcarft 4.