Big Layoffs Hit Agents of Mayhem Developer Volition

Volition, the studio behind Agents of Mayhem, laid off over 30 people this week including general manager Dan Cermak, three sources tell Kotaku. The studio previously had around 200 employees.

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jokerisalive1325d ago

Gat is taking over!
Shits about to hit the fan.....

cleft51324d ago

Thats really a shame. I get they wanted to do something new and I don't dislike Agents of Mayhem. But they should have done another Saints Row game first. Or they should have put Saints Row in the title of Agents of Mayhem. That would have ensured sales for the game was much better. I hope the core team stays in place and these talented developers can make the next Saints Row. They are a great team.

OldGuyStillGaming1325d ago

That’s too bad
I’m still playing AoM
I thought it was pretty damn good
Hopefully we’ll see a SR5 soon

jokerisalive1325d ago

Yeah I'm loving AOM and using Johhny Gat a lot in it. So much like Crackdown imo.

blackblades1325d ago

Wonder what they can do with sr5, a reboot or just go with them going through time.

1325d ago
mafiahajeri1325d ago

I dont think they get that theres an appetite for open world classic gangster games outside of GTA.

The mob be street or organized storylines go hand in hand with open world games, theres no need for all this over the top crap, to makea game engaging. Sometimes less is better.


This is typical in the industry after a game is complete. Nothing to see here. I did buy AoM and love it so I support the studio.

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The story is too old to be commented.