A New Saints Row 5 Might Turn Back to its Roots After Agents of Mayhem

A new Saints Row 5 game could turn back to its roots after over-the-top, whacky, neon humor of Volitions newest spin-off, Agents of Mayhem.

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TheSuperior 2000d ago

Personally I'd hope so. The series was its best at Saints Row 2 but at its highest at Saints Row The Third; how Saints Row IV happened, I don't know. It'd be nice if they dialed it back towards Saints Row The Third but kept some of the seriousness of Saints Row 2. I'd like that but have absolutely no faith that they will ever make anything good in the series again.

Scar-1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

2>3, I enjoyed Saints Row 2 more than GTA V it was an insanely fun and goofy game that made you want to play it. It was like last gens lighthearted San Andreas. The third title started screwing up the formula, too easy too over the top bland writing and a worst of all a crap city Steelport < Stilwater.

opinionated2000d ago

Agents of mayhem is a lot of fun, im enjoying it. By roots I'm hoping it's just no super powers. The first saints row that took itself seriously was just a generic gta clone, the humor is what makes them different. Missions like driving around in a sewage truck painting buildings with chud is what the real saints row is to me.

2pacalypsenow2000d ago

Thank you, make it like SR1

-Foxtrot2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

After all the crazy shit that's been added in Saints Row 3 and 4, along with the DLC there's no way they can just go back to its needs a reboot plain and simple

They can use the same characters and tell story similar to the first game but they need to start again and go back to what Saints Row 2 was like. If it's anything like Saints Row 3 or 4 then I'll pass.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the next huge open world game so GTA won't be as much of a threat so it would have been the perfect time to launch a new one.

Universal 081989d ago

Hmmmm that last sentence had me thinking.

Saints Row 5: Into the Wild.
The Saints travel to Dunder. A crime ridden city where the the west was won, but down under.

PhoenixUp1999d ago

How can a Saints Row 5 canonically happen when the universe ended and was reshaped into Agents of Mayhem

Universal 081989d ago

Maybe the Player got Flash powers and was able to go back in time and change the timeline. Heck it would make sense since that might actually happen with Volition lol

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