5 More Sega Properties That Should be Thrust Back Into the Limelight

Twinfinite Writes: Sega has plenty of series under their belt like Sonic, Valkyria, and Yakuza, but there's a few franchises from the company that have been away for too long.

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Neonridr484d ago

definitely Jet Set Radio!

gangsta_red484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

Safe picks but what about Virtua On? With arena, hero type shooters being the rage it would be cool for Sega to make a Japanese Anime style arena shooter using huge mechs with swords and capes.

A new horror style Altered Beasts would be cool. Even make it like a third person Devil May Cry 3D style action.

Bring back an updated Fighters Megamix! We need a new Virtua Fighter and we definitely need a new Fighting Vipers, this could kill two birds with one boulder.

Speaking of fighters..Eternal Champions!