Xbox 360 gets two exclusive Tomb Raider Underworld chapters

Eidos has announced that two new chapters for Tomb Raider Underworld will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The two chapters are said to include six hours of gameplay, with the first hitting Xbox LIVE Marketplace before the year's end. The second will be released in 2009. Eidos also revealed that a demo of Lara's upcoming adventure will also be available on Xbox LIVE this month.

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Internet Trolling Ex4860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )

Its guaranteed to fail now

OmarJA4860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )

Uncharted 2 PITCHES!

theKiller4859d ago

ps3 advantage were never used because of 360!!

can they really add 2 more chapters to the 360 level?? on DVD9?? if thats the case then they could add 2x10 chapters on the blue ray!!

this game will FLOP hard!! its time have passed already!!

Gaystation 34860d ago

To make up for it, the PS3 version; like Bioshock. Will have exclusive framerate and screen tearing problems.

DavidMacDougall4860d ago

Not the ps3's fault 2k don't understand it but it is a good thing for you that the old dvd9 tech matchs the old hardware

Anton Chigurh4860d ago (Edited 4860d ago )

@ DavidMacDougall

that the most stupid thing I have ever heard

good work f00l

juuken4860d ago

Because you're a developer and you have the crystal balls to the future.

Guyz, our PS3 version is gonna be gimped okey? We have an expert here who works closely with the development of the next-gen Tomb Raider. Don't buy the game! The PS3 is a piece of crap! GO SELL IT NOOOOOOOOOAW! =O

Internet Trolling Ex4860d ago

I was greatly disappointed by the last Tomb Raider I played,I cant imagine spending money on another Tomb Raider game

shadowghost7524860d ago

I don't care about Tomb Raider anymore, after playing Uncharted, Tomb Raider fails in every way

Internet Trolling Ex4860d ago

Remind me again how xbox 360 arcade owners will be able to play this content

Man_of_the_year4860d ago

Arcade version comes with a memory card...and if that fills up you can go on ebay and buy a 20 gig for cheap..