Microsoft could've purchased Minecraft before 2014 but passed on the deal

Minecraft is turning out to be quite a smart investment for Microsoft but many don’t know that the company had the chance to buy the game before 2014. In Microsoft boss Satya Nadella’s new book called Hit Refresh, the executive said that they could’ve bought the game before then but it didn’t happen.

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Septic414d ago

Oh Mattrick; you should have listened to Phil. What a costly decision that was eh? Well at least they are profiting now on it.

darthv72414d ago

couple other things Mattrick (and Ballmer) should have listened to was cross platform play and more 1st / 2nd party studios.

vega275414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

@ Darthv72

What cross platform play? Real question ? What was sony offering for cross platform play?

People on this site throw that round all the time with nothing to back it up. Sony never intended to do cross-play with anyone. They wanted to show MS up. Their network last gen was shit and barebones. Which was why they got hacked.

If sony was really interest in cross play why didn't they do it?. MS is showing not only do they want to do cross-play. But are actually making it happen with some games. Even nintendo is willing to do it.

Stop with the " bu bu sony wanted to last gen" yeah with What? How was they going to do it? What games was they going to do it with?, what pub or dev was going to support it?

Answer does and I will buy into you're claim.

slate91414d ago


Sony was open to it with FF 14 mmo I believe. And also with Portal 2 (I THINK).

2pacalypsenow414d ago (Edited 414d ago )


Sony was interested, but last gen MS didn't want anything to do with Sony, they were constantly criticizing and making fun of Sony and the PlayStation, you think a proud Japanese company is gonna beg a Western company to add crossplay? Also Sony wasn't plastering it all over the media to get attention like MS is today.

And like today, most people didn't care about crossplay.

gangsta_red413d ago


"they were constantly criticizing and making fun of Sony and the PlayStation"

Positive Sony was doing the same to Xbox and Nintendo. Sony may have said they wouldn't mind during the FF saga but they never actively pursued or tried to do crossplay themselves like MS is doing or has agreed to do with 3rd party companies.

"Also Sony wasn't plastering it all over the media to get attention like MS is today."

MS also isn't either, they just happen to be for it and other media sites unrelated to MS are writing stories about it. There's definitely a difference.

"And like today, most people didn't care about crossplay."

Most people did care and most people always asked or wanted it. Today we actually have a chance to make it happen and yet the company that was supposedly all for it has mysteriously pulled out.

vega275413d ago


Portal 2. Had nothing to do with cross-play. It was about adding mods. Please research.

@ 2pacalypsenow

Don't wasn't trying to do cross play. Like i siad before. What game? What dev? Like i said before. Answer what i asked darthv and I will buy into the BS.

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PhoenixUp414d ago

I wonder if Microsoft would've let Minecraft release to as many platforms as it did if they bought Mojang sooner

FallenAngel1984414d ago

Microsoft probably spent more money purchasing Mojang than they did on producing more first party content

FallenAngel1984413d ago

Somebody sounds salty about learning the truth