Has Destiny Finally Killed the Halo Series?

While the Halo series has faded a bit with age, the Destiny franchise is doing amazingly well. Could one Bungie series be on the verge of surpassing the other? Is Halo about to...wait for its Destiny?!

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submarinna388d ago

Ms has been beating this dead horse for a long time. Time for new ips folks

Kribwalker388d ago

i know right, why make another game in a series that sells millions when they can release the 13th version of a game like God Of War in 13 years.....i don’t get it

388d ago
Septic388d ago

Halo may not be the juggernaut it once Was (it has been about 16 years after all) but it's still a force to be reckoned with.

It's latest entry, even with it's weak SP has a stellar MP. Destiny's PvP doesn't even come close to scratching it.

Halo is long from dead. But 343 need to make sure that the next release is excellent in all areas.

guyman388d ago

"are you talking microtransactions like in Uncharted 4 and the last of us that were pay to win or like the ones in driveclub and street fighter 5 that are for items that are earnable in game?"

"i know right, why make another game in a series that sells millions when they can release the 13th version of a game like God Of War in 13 years.....i don’t get it"

That's the second time you've tried to throw punches at ps4 exclusives in as many articles which have no mention or relation to them. How pathetic and desperate. Pretty much sums up xbox fanboys on this site

UCForce388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Poor statement. I will give you this Halo series are still stay strong. But how long is gonna last ? 343i need to understand more about the Halo in term of passion. If you looking back at Halo Bungie and Halo 343i, you knew Bungie was honest about their game and the flaws. 343i have some problems with it. Well, Halo 5 MP is top notch. But the Campaign was mediocre and what worse is that the campaign was also misleading. 343i didn't address it. Here the thing, MS need to let 343 to do a new IP and let the Halo series rest, so it can give them more time to think about making another one.

TheTony316388d ago

You don't see a new god of war game every 2 years. The new installment is vastly different then the previous games and unlike MS, Sony doesn't rely on the same 3 franchises every time.

UCForce388d ago

About God Of War series, i did have a criticism about it. And I wad skeptical about Santa Monica making another one. But at E3 2016, it completely changed my mind and blow me away. Because it's look different for good reason. But I can tell you this, new God Of War is a soft reboot.

mochachino388d ago

To be fair, the new GOW looks very different than the previous ones. Almost like a series refresh. They're taking some big risks and it looks like it's paying off.

_-EDMIX-_387d ago

But the difference is that it's negatively been affecting the series.

The new God of War game has taken a huge drastic shift because the developers understand that they cannot just keep doing the same thing they must Revitalize the series and look to become more creative even if it means removing specific Staples Halo have not done that.

And I have no clue what God of War has to do with this article......

darthv72387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

@tony... "You don't see a new god of war game every 2 years." no but you do see 2 GoW games per PS gen since the PS2. GoW1 & 2 were on PS2 while GoW3 and Ascension were on PS3. Now we will have GoW for PS4 and probably another GoW game before the PS5 (hopefully) but if they take their time like they are with GT (another PS series we have come to expect 2 per console gen) then this could be the first time they break that tradition. Not to mention that there were also 2 games released on PSP.

Total number of GoW related games up to this point is 6 with a 7th on the way.

As for Halo you had 1 & 2 on the og xbox. 3 & 4 on the 360 while also having a spin off (ODST) and a prequel (Reach) which are non-cannon and then picking up with 5 on xbo. There is likely to be a 6 but that prob wont appear until 2018-19.

Total number of Halo related games 7 (9 if you include RTS halo wars).

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DJStotty388d ago

beating a dead horse lmao. Halo 3 was launched 10 years ago. We have had halo 4 and 5 in 10 years, hardly beating a franchise

TheTony316388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Don't forget Halo Wars, ODST, Reach, Anniversary, Master Chief collection and Halo Wars 2. That's 8 games in 10 years.

DJStotty388d ago

Halo Wars - Different Genre
ODST/Reach - Spinoffs (not related to Master Chief or the story)
Halo Anniversary/MCC - Remasters which were welcomed by the halo fanbase

Try harder

TheTony316387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

It doens't matter if they're spin offs or not. They're still Halo games and part of the franchise. 8 games in 10 years is milking.

_-EDMIX-_387d ago

So why did you ignore Halo Reach and Halo ODST?

darthv72387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

@tony, if i may be so bold. God of War would also be considered milking due to having 12 games (soon to be 13) in the span of 12 years (GoW release in 05). And you complain about Halo having 13 games in 16 years (Halo released in 01)?

My numbers include every iteration of both (including mobile and portable and remasters/compilations). The only other game series i can think of that exceeds both would be GT with something like 15 releases over the course of its 20 year lifetime.

DJStotty387d ago


That wont count on here as its a PS franchise, it only counts if its something Microsoft related lol.

I only class something as being milked if its copy/paste every iteration.

Putting a franchise into different genres is not milking. Its expanding on a franchise.

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FinalFantasyFanatic388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

The problem is Halo's quality declined and Destiny's went up with the improvements in the latest game, despite that, I don't consider Destiny a Halo killer, the developers are just favoring it over Halo at this point in time (I still feel that Destiny doesn't quite compete in the same space as Halo).

DJStotty388d ago

There are a few elements in Destiny that are "borrowed" from Halo which is to be expected as they were the same developer.

Either way i like both games and hoping that Halo 6 is better than 5. I didnt mind 5 and so far have every Halo released.

COD is milking a franchise you get a new one every year by 3 different developers

MattSomething388d ago

Halo 5 had the best multiplayer of the entire franchise, the best and most in depth Forge (which is huge for me personally) in the franchise, all of the DLC was free as not to segment the community, the best graphic in the franchise and the story campaign was ‘meh’ because people wanted to play as Master Chief. Seems like a pretty easy fix to me.

I’m hoping Microsoft has Joseph Staten working on the H6 campaign and pull Marty O'Donnell back into the studio to score the next soundtrack.

Halo 5 may have only sold about 5 million copies but that doesn’t mean the franchise is going snywhere anytime soon.

NatFanBoyRestricted388d ago

Yet it has the best support for online content on a platform that has the best online experience. PS doesn't have a single exclusive that matche Halos strongest points

Suave_Langosta388d ago

Anyone saying halo is dead is just plain wrong.

Yes single player was a low point. I agree.

But halo 5 MP is and still will be top notch. Maybe not the best out there, but it is still insanely fun, and lobbies are always full.

spicelicka387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

Halo 5 is still one of the best MP games on the market right now and miles ahead of Destiny in MP. Not to mention free DLC and post launch support every month. It has still sold 5 million copies, not even close to a dead horse.

And the community is still alive and well. You can't do these things in any FPS game (other than Far cry maybe, but that's not MP focused game).

_-EDMIX-_387d ago

I agree

I would say that Halo killed itself.

Bnet343387d ago

it's still successful but not like Destiny. Destiny expanded to another console. All this means is that Bungie are gods and were gods back during the Halo days and and one of the very best. FACTS. Can't argue with facts. The numbers are there for Destiny and were there for Halo.

Nu387d ago

Gears of War is the last Microsoft exclusive keeping me with the Xbox.

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UKmilitia388d ago

i enjoyed halo reach coop,but its a stale game and hated the online of everyone jumping round like tigger

Sonic_Vs_Mario388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

2 completely different games genre

aconnellan388d ago

"They both have guns. They must be exactly the same and direct competitors"

Summons75388d ago


Destiny barely qualitfies as an RPG. "Oh you level up, must be a full deep RPG"...not how it works. It's a FPS with light RPG mechanics or was I imagining it being in first person the whole time?

_-EDMIX-_387d ago

? Halo isn't an RPG and I put well over 80 hours in the first Destiny and can very much tell you indeed it is a RPG.

The elements in regards to RPG is not light, you are very much leveling up and the class of your character is definitely having real effects on bosses and enemies in the game.

Fallout and Elder Scrolls can be played in first person are you telling me that means they're no longer RPGs? The perspective of a game actually has very little to do with the genre..

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PhoenixUp388d ago

Remember how last decade so many developers tried to create an alleged "Halo Killer."

How do you think they'd react if you told them in the future that the people who came closest to making a "Halo Killer" were the creators of Halo itself?

Sciurus_vulgaris388d ago

The Destiny games haven't really reviewed better than 343i Halo games. The Destiny games seem to hold players longer, but they are more casual and less competitive than the Halo games. In this current-era of gaming, it is generally shooters with a lot of skill-gap compression that hold players the longest. Lastly, Halo and Destiny are pretty different games, one is a Sci-fi military shooter, with arena focused mp, while the other is sci-fantasy, with a stronger emphasis on PVE.

Cmv38388d ago

I think you're being so defensive, you're missing the point.

Summons75388d ago

343I did a pretty good job of that themselves.

UCForce388d ago

But not good enough. MS need to let 343 to do their own thing by creating new IP.

_-EDMIX-_387d ago

Absolutely agreed

They're draining this team to death making the same thing over and over again. If Microsoft doesn't allow this team to make a new intellectual property clearly they're going to divide themselves and go to a publisher that will.