Ubisoft and South Park Should Be Absolutely Ashamed of Themselves

Carl Ebanks at TheKoalition.com writes:

"Last night I saw a video game trailer that disturbed me. So much so that I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up still thinking about it and then came into work this morning feeling compelled to write about it. That trailer wasn’t for the gory Evil Within 2 or the terrifying Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition, nope, it was the latest trailer for South Park: The Fractured But Whole."

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rbailey2438d ago

Several of the points that were made in this article are spot on. The Neogaf commenter who stated that the devs could have used any other of Kanye's issues for comedic purposes is also accurate. With all that said though, I think people will still go out in droves to buy this game. The TV show is funny and having played the game at a few preview events I can say it definitely is a fun time. We all know they like to cross lines unapologetically and part of that is what makes people laugh.

Sam Fisher2436d ago

Oh boy, who cares. If kanye was really offended by now would hear something about and most likely a vid put in worldstar (bc its basically a ethnic celebrity rant website). If he doesn't say anything then obviously no one should and take it as that, a facking joke. Ppl need to get over themselves.

Genuine-User2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

You got a problem with people ranting on a website? lol

The beeping irony.

TFJWM2436d ago

Even if he complains on worldstar or elsewhere and is really offended, how does that change it from being a "facking joke"?

darthv722436d ago

I don't follow Kanye but the only things I know are he interrupted Taylor Swift at some awards show and he said he was going to call an album TurboGrafx-16.

south Park is an equal opportunity offender. Most everyone they depict understand that it is strictly humor and even Family Guy (and American Dad) do similar things and most celebs dont take issue with it because it isnt real no matter if the source material it bases it's skits off of is.

KwietStorm_BLM2436d ago

You just said Worldstar is an "ethnic celebrity rant website." That's so ignorant it's actually genuinely funny. You don't have even a small idea what you're talking about. It sounds like that's what someone told you and you just ran with it.

mikeslemonade2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

You people get offended too easily. Only if you followed celebritiy culture you would be able to connect dots. 99% of people who watch the trailer wouldn't get it until you see the explanation.

Oh poor guy who has millions of dollars.. I'm sure anyone on this site would be extremely happy if you were publicized negatively on a video game because that's free press and popularity for us.

Also you sensitive types canceling your preorders.. I'm gonna go preorder it to spite you haha. Originally I was just gonna get it for "free" on PC. But I support this kind of entertainment because it's entertainment and you types are too sensitive.

Dawknight3162436d ago

No kanye been out of the lime light all year working on music like he should. Kanye likes this as much as the pictures of him being fat. He likes it becuase it keeps you people who hate him talking, it keeps him relevant.

ABeastNamedTariq2436d ago

"Ethnic." What a codeword lol

Fist4achin2436d ago

Agreed. Anyone that chooses to be in the limelight of Fame, needs to have thick skin as there are always going to be critics, haters, offenders, stalkers,...

I'm pretty sure his suicide watch isn't from the south park writers. Besides, Kanye is probably getting off light from a lot of the shenanigans he has pulled over the past years.

nX2436d ago

wtf man how can someone be offended by Kanye jokes? Kanye is a complete joke in itself, in his words "that's like Matrix shit bruuh"

Sam Fisher2436d ago

Im latino, i think i can get away with ethnic lmfao

Dee_912436d ago

@Sam Fisher
The irony is astounding. Not sure if done on purpose or not, but bravo to you sir either way.

Mr Pumblechook2436d ago

I think this kid from The Koalition is butt hurt because somebody insulted his favourite rapper! I used to like Kanye too before he disappeared up his own backside from his pretentious behaviour. But he is a multimillionaire musical artist who actively courts the limelight and publicly insults other. His arrogance is so supreme that he made a brand name that is a variation of Jesus, Yezus. He is a celebrity and his behaviour is worthy of lampooning. Kanye is going through some mental health difficulties at the moment (which he was treated for) and clearly the death of his mother has greatly affected him. But when HE makes a game about HIS mum flying to heaven which he wants US to play then we, as the public, have a write to comment. South Park has done just that.

I love that we have a website like The Koalition because it is one of the few UK websites that offer more diverse voices- but on this point they have got it so wrong. I do not believe in censorship and for a gaming website to condone this (even if just one writer) is a travesty.

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v_eno_m2436d ago

someone got offended by watching a trailer that he/she had the power to turnoff...because that person chose to continue to watch it in it's entirety, we're wasting bandwidth reading about opinions on why the devs/publisher should be the ones to blame

babadivad2436d ago

Taking a "joke" to an almost evil level of callousness. This particular is actually VERY personal and truly malicious.

subtenko2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

virtue signaling and gaming 'journalism'

@v_eno_m I certainly didnt click on the article, I can smell it from here in the comments

Eonjay2436d ago

A bad joke about Kanye's dead mom. I can see people being upset. Its pretty basic.

Genuine-User2436d ago

@venom and eonjay

Thanks for the info.

rainslacker2436d ago

Basically, the author appears to be unfamiliar with South Park, and got offended by a trailer.

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ChrisW2436d ago

Yeah... That was a bit low. But I'm still going to buy the game and enjoy it.

Christopher2436d ago

***Last night I saw a video game trailer that disturbed me. So much so that I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up still thinking about it and then came into work this morning feeling compelled to write about it.***

If this causes you to have this experience, I can only imagine what real issues do to you.

Facts: they did not make fun of Kanye's mom or her death. They are making fun only of Kanye's interpretation of a game where you help his mom get to heaven. His mom didn't do this, Kanye did. He made this concept public. They are merely ridiculing Kanye, nothing in that is about his mom unless you believe that Kanye's game concept about his mom is her real life and not his own creation.

SegaGamer2436d ago

Let's hope he never see's the episode where that kid with cancer dies after his pee-wee hockey team get's destroyed, i don't think this guy would be able to go on after seeing that episode.