Ubisoft and South Park Should Be Absolutely Ashamed of Themselves

Carl Ebanks at writes:

"Last night I saw a video game trailer that disturbed me. So much so that I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up still thinking about it and then came into work this morning feeling compelled to write about it. That trailer wasn’t for the gory Evil Within 2 or the terrifying Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition, nope, it was the latest trailer for South Park: The Fractured But Whole."

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rbailey391d ago

Several of the points that were made in this article are spot on. The Neogaf commenter who stated that the devs could have used any other of Kanye's issues for comedic purposes is also accurate. With all that said though, I think people will still go out in droves to buy this game. The TV show is funny and having played the game at a few preview events I can say it definitely is a fun time. We all know they like to cross lines unapologetically and part of that is what makes people laugh.

Sam Fisher389d ago

Oh boy, who cares. If kanye was really offended by now would hear something about and most likely a vid put in worldstar (bc its basically a ethnic celebrity rant website). If he doesn't say anything then obviously no one should and take it as that, a facking joke. Ppl need to get over themselves.

Genuine-User389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

You got a problem with people ranting on a website? lol

The beeping irony.

TFJWM389d ago

Even if he complains on worldstar or elsewhere and is really offended, how does that change it from being a "facking joke"?

darthv72389d ago

I don't follow Kanye but the only things I know are he interrupted Taylor Swift at some awards show and he said he was going to call an album TurboGrafx-16.

south Park is an equal opportunity offender. Most everyone they depict understand that it is strictly humor and even Family Guy (and American Dad) do similar things and most celebs dont take issue with it because it isnt real no matter if the source material it bases it's skits off of is.

KwietStorm389d ago

You just said Worldstar is an "ethnic celebrity rant website." That's so ignorant it's actually genuinely funny. You don't have even a small idea what you're talking about. It sounds like that's what someone told you and you just ran with it.

mikeslemonade389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

You people get offended too easily. Only if you followed celebritiy culture you would be able to connect dots. 99% of people who watch the trailer wouldn't get it until you see the explanation.

Oh poor guy who has millions of dollars.. I'm sure anyone on this site would be extremely happy if you were publicized negatively on a video game because that's free press and popularity for us.

Also you sensitive types canceling your preorders.. I'm gonna go preorder it to spite you haha. Originally I was just gonna get it for "free" on PC. But I support this kind of entertainment because it's entertainment and you types are too sensitive.

Dawknight316389d ago

No kanye been out of the lime light all year working on music like he should. Kanye likes this as much as the pictures of him being fat. He likes it becuase it keeps you people who hate him talking, it keeps him relevant.

ABeastNamedTariq389d ago

"Ethnic." What a codeword lol

Fist4achin389d ago

Agreed. Anyone that chooses to be in the limelight of Fame, needs to have thick skin as there are always going to be critics, haters, offenders, stalkers,...

I'm pretty sure his suicide watch isn't from the south park writers. Besides, Kanye is probably getting off light from a lot of the shenanigans he has pulled over the past years.

nX389d ago

wtf man how can someone be offended by Kanye jokes? Kanye is a complete joke in itself, in his words "that's like Matrix shit bruuh"

Sam Fisher389d ago

Im latino, i think i can get away with ethnic lmfao

Dee_91389d ago

@Sam Fisher
The irony is astounding. Not sure if done on purpose or not, but bravo to you sir either way.

Mr Pumblechook389d ago

I think this kid from The Koalition is butt hurt because somebody insulted his favourite rapper! I used to like Kanye too before he disappeared up his own backside from his pretentious behaviour. But he is a multimillionaire musical artist who actively courts the limelight and publicly insults other. His arrogance is so supreme that he made a brand name that is a variation of Jesus, Yezus. He is a celebrity and his behaviour is worthy of lampooning. Kanye is going through some mental health difficulties at the moment (which he was treated for) and clearly the death of his mother has greatly affected him. But when HE makes a game about HIS mum flying to heaven which he wants US to play then we, as the public, have a write to comment. South Park has done just that.

I love that we have a website like The Koalition because it is one of the few UK websites that offer more diverse voices- but on this point they have got it so wrong. I do not believe in censorship and for a gaming website to condone this (even if just one writer) is a travesty.

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v_eno_m389d ago

someone got offended by watching a trailer that he/she had the power to turnoff...because that person chose to continue to watch it in it's entirety, we're wasting bandwidth reading about opinions on why the devs/publisher should be the ones to blame

babadivad389d ago

Taking a "joke" to an almost evil level of callousness. This particular is actually VERY personal and truly malicious.

subtenko389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

virtue signaling and gaming 'journalism'

@v_eno_m I certainly didnt click on the article, I can smell it from here in the comments

Eonjay389d ago

A bad joke about Kanye's dead mom. I can see people being upset. Its pretty basic.

Genuine-User389d ago

@venom and eonjay

Thanks for the info.

rainslacker389d ago

Basically, the author appears to be unfamiliar with South Park, and got offended by a trailer.

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ChrisW389d ago

Yeah... That was a bit low. But I'm still going to buy the game and enjoy it.

Christopher389d ago

***Last night I saw a video game trailer that disturbed me. So much so that I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up still thinking about it and then came into work this morning feeling compelled to write about it.***

If this causes you to have this experience, I can only imagine what real issues do to you.

Facts: they did not make fun of Kanye's mom or her death. They are making fun only of Kanye's interpretation of a game where you help his mom get to heaven. His mom didn't do this, Kanye did. He made this concept public. They are merely ridiculing Kanye, nothing in that is about his mom unless you believe that Kanye's game concept about his mom is her real life and not his own creation.

SegaGamer389d ago

Let's hope he never see's the episode where that kid with cancer dies after his pee-wee hockey team get's destroyed, i don't think this guy would be able to go on after seeing that episode.

rainslacker389d ago

It's not as brutal as when they made fun of Kim Kardashian and then showed his irrational reaction to that. Or how he overreacted to the Fish Sticks if people didn't realize that that reaction was based on how he actually behaves.

Kanye is a joke IMO. Making fun at his expense is fine by me, and I didn't see them saying anything bad about his mom. But even South Park isn't afraid to poke fun or criticize those that are gone or normally would be treated with kids gloves. That's why I like South park. They aren't afraid to go past the sentimental and keep things at their core issue, while making it funny at the same time.

BenRage3389d ago

It is increasingly clear that with the rise of social media and our tendency to want to appear to be a decent person in public that many of us have lost the ability to have a sense of humor. Some will find this funny, some won't, but let us not blow this out of proportion for the 100th time. It's a flipping joke.

babadivad389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

I hate to say it but, I agree with this article. It goes a little too far, almost malicious for no apparent reason. It's clear that Kanye TRULY and deeply loves his mother. Why go after that when there's so many legitimate things they could mock Kanye over. It's almost as if the creators genuinely HATE Kanye and really want to truly hurt him. And attack him on a very personal level. What the fuck?

MetalGearsofWar389d ago

South Park stopped being funny a couple of seasons ago. It is now a political soapbox, as all shows evolve to nowadays.

rainslacker389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

I think if people were offended by anything they see related to South Park, then maybe this game isn't for them.

As far as Kanye goes, I don't really care if he's offended. He's an ego-maniacal, talent-less hack who thinks he's much more important than he actually is, and says plenty of things which are offensive whenever he feels he's been slighted in some way.

Septic389d ago

He's a talentless hack? Lol ...he is an extremely gifted producer

Why o why389d ago

Lol, I get that you don't like the guy but 'talent less hack'. . . That's a bit silly. Before he was the face we know he was making serious beats for other people and still does.

rainslacker388d ago

OK, some of his early work was OK, but since then, his music is terrible, and hardly constitutes music. His lyrics aren't interesting, which is about the only thing that would save his terrible "style" for relating his work to the public.

He may not be talentless, but he certainly hasn't shown that talent in a long while that I've seen.

As far as being a gifted producer, fair enough. But since he's predominately known for his music, I'd say that is what I'll judge him by

389d ago
Pantz389d ago

Neogaf might as well be called SJWgaf at this point

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Miss_Weeboo391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

I understand and -perhaps even agree... perhaps, maybe, maybe- if you get upset for Southpark being racist and homophobic, but you know... because of Kanye West? This is some SJW sht. He's a big boy and a public person, he can perfectly defend himself. And maybe he just really like fish sticks

Lamboomington389d ago

"This is some SJW sht."

No, stop using that stupid word to describe everything you disagree with. The author is a person who is disgusted because the devs used Kanye's dead mom (and the surrounding stuff) as a joke. That's it.

Do you agree or disagree with the author ? Either one is fine, maybe give some reasoning behind that. but saying "It's some SJW shit" is stupid.

This is "SJW" anything. This is the age old issue of where to draw the line in comedy. It's subjective and depends on your audience.

Miss_Weeboo389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

No. That's just the way SouthPark is: there's no limits. I don't like the show, I don't usually watch it (but I'm Ok with it existing, because I think it's well made social satire) ...
It's bad taste we can agree on that, but even without SouthPark, the whole thing was weird, pathetic and funny... . The guy honors his dead mother with poems and songs (which is fine... a bit funny, but fine), but then you know, he's planning on making a... game? or iphone app? saying: “The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven” Come on!!! that's weird, it's fckng weird! And THAT's what SouthPark is making fun of, because he's a public figure: so they made a parody of the game Kanye was planning to do. It's bad taste, I'd never make a joke like that about a person I know (in public), but the way this guy manage his pain it's weird, crazy... and that makes it funny. When you are public figure and you are doing crazy sht like this, people are gonna laugh.

But in any case, you can't agree with the show mocking gay people, or making generic racist jokes, making jokes about the Holocaust and THEN get upset (like the guy in the article) when they make bad taste jokes, not in general, but about a particular individual, a public figure: that's SJW sht. The same thing you said applies: Agree or disagree, be in favor or against, but don't be in the middle.
Anyway that's my opinion, I appreciate we were able to have like a civilized debate here :)

bluefox755389d ago

Moral authoritarian = SJW.
If you think there's a "line" in comedy, you're an SJW. Comedy isn't meant to be taken seriously, if you can't help but take it serious, maybe comedy isn't for you.

EatCrow389d ago

Is it okay if we use abraham lincolns dead mom? Or anyone else's? I guess dead moms in general are no longer something people are allowed to joke about?

Jokes should be free from this line you speak of. When they cross the line they are considered distasteful. End of story. Jokes are a form of expression. We should not put barriers or lines on expression. Same with freedom of speech.

Quoting batman " Its what we do that defines us" not what we say.

Markusb33389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

It is the issue of where to draw the line with comedy but there is a left wing agenda to curb even comedy if anything mild offends any group. Nearly all religions can be mocked and joked about but don't draw a cartoon about one religion. To me that is freedom of speech and expression. Is anyone surprised southpark went over the top ? Has anyone seen team American they offend more people than not. Im not saying this is ok but it is subjective. Some will be fine and some will be offended.

InTheZoneAC389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

The point went right over your head as you simply tried to argue SJW, which if you did understand the devs and kaynes situation and his overreaction you could easily classify this crying as sjw ****

Lamboomington389d ago (Edited 389d ago )


"But in any case, you can't agree with the show mocking gay people, or making generic racist jokes, making jokes about the Holocaust and THEN get upset (like the guy in the article) when they make bad taste jokes, not in general, but about a particular individual, a public figure: that's SJW sht"

Actually, that's common sense. Targetting a group is impersonal. Targeting a particular person and using that person's dead mother as a joke is way worse then making some jokes about large groups of people/ stereotypes.

So no, that's not 'sjw shit'. Besides, even if you were right and it was hypocritical, you call it hypocritical, not 'sjw shit'. I hate that everyone wants to bring that word into every single issue.


"Moral authoritarian = SJW.
If you think there's a "line" in comedy, you're an SJW. Comedy isn't meant to be taken seriously, if you can't help but take it serious, maybe comedy isn't for you."

Sorry, but you're completely wrong, and didn't understand anything I said. Also, enough with that 'SJW' retardedness, please. You need to know where to draw the line depending on your audience. You can say "there's no line in comedy" all you want, but that kind of attitude will get you absolutely shit on depending on what you say. Comedy is about making people laugh, but not making them feel too uncomfortable. This depends on who your audience is.
Funny, people here were shitting on Pewdiepie because he went too far with his 'anti-semitic prank'. I won't assume you're part of that group, but you see the comparison I'm making ?

The author felt that they went too far, that's it. If you disagree, then say why, like one person already responded to me. You don't mind these jokes, but if South Park made a joke about your dead mother (in particular), I have a feeling you'd find that distasteful rather than funny. The author found this case distasteful, that's all.

He's not some "SJW" or some stupid shit like that (stop using that word for no reason).


Sure, no need for restriction. The author here feels that this joke is way too distasteful, and that's why he's saying "they should be ashamed of themselves", not "they should be banned or penalized for this".

spektical389d ago

anyone getting offended by southpark shouldnt be watching the show or buying their products. period. The show is satire, I havent watched in years, but this is far from the craziest stuff they have done on the show. I'm not sure what the author expected when he saw the trailer, I can only imagine the author watching hte show or playing this game. This is content is clearly not meant for people who cant stomach satire.

bigmalky389d ago

That last line 'It's subjective and depends on your audience.'.

Exactly, if you don't like South Park or it's full frontal humour, don't watch it, play it, read about it or... Let me just steel you for this... Comment about it.

Decide you dislike it, and move on, not giving it publicity, attention nor money. Others will.

SJW is a now used term for anyone refusing to just move on after something that offends them. Accept it, it's going to be around while people complain about other people's creations.

cyx389d ago

Lol im never that one to pull the SJW card but i gotta say i gotta agree it does sound like some SJW sht. Sure the joke was in poor taste that i can agree with but this is getting ridiculous. This isnt the 1st time south park will produce something offensive and it wont be the last.

ZombieGamerMan389d ago

@ Lamboomington Either everything is allowed or nothing is

rainslacker389d ago


So are we supposed to wait the 22.3 years before it's funny then?

Some things are just funny. Kanye's mom's passing is sad, and I sympathize with him despite me not caring for him that much, as I'd never wish that on anyone. But at the same time, they are making fun of Kanye, not his mom. While there is some merit in being sympathetic to his crazy notion of honoring his mom, there is no real social construct that exists that dictates they must.

The source of the joke....the game he's the joke. Not his mom. Once Kanye brought that into the public, it's worthy of criticism and mocking. I'd imagine if some post around here came out about it, we'd probably mock the idea as well....along with the man, and I'm sure most of us would still empthize with his loss.

Realms389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

LOL. South Park crosses the line sometimes and the crude type of humor most of us out grew after high school but why are some people so bent out of shape? SJW is the right word because you have people that get offended for other people. It's satire and the writer who wrote this article should know that, it's like watching porn and getting offended because you think it's immoral. Porn is porn and satire is satire no one forces you to watch something you don't like and it's naive to go watch a South Park related game and then feel offended because you feel they crossed the line. Which is the whole point of the show to mock society and hold to punches and the writer should know that already.

rdgneoz3389d ago

"This is the age old issue of where to draw the line in comedy. It's subjective and depends on your audience."

Freedom of speech? You don't have to like it, but it's their right to make it. No one's forcing you to watch the gameplay, play the game, or listen to it. People are free to create what they want (ever play Manhunt?) or say what they want (listen to what comes out of Trump's mouth?) or kneel when they want, whether you like it or not. What the author is trying to do is to force their beliefs on the creators, like many SJWs do today with their safe spaces and crap.

As for South park, they push the boundaries all over the place. They make fun of everyone, which is why Chef left the show (he couldn't take 1 single Scientology joke, but had no problem with all the Jew jokes or such). Kayne is crazy, especially with trying to make his mother into an iphone game... It's parodying how crazy he is, as no sane person would do that (poems and songs are great and many do that, but an iphone game? really?). And as Miss_Weeboo mentioned, racist jokes, Holocaust jokes, gay jokes, etc are fine, but making fun of an insane guy is crossing the line?

Dee_91389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

so you think it's fine to joke about raping poor kids on the twin towers on 9/11? Yea there's no line alright ( Thats sarcasm for the slower ones). It's clear that the people that don't have an issue with this are either A) some highly knowledgeable edge lord that thinks their skin is tougher than everybody that disagrees with them, yet ironically can't tolerate another opinion but instead label that person as something they deem lower than self. Or B. You hate kanye west because he's outlandish and it doesn't mesh with your style. You people aren't fooling anybody but yourselves.. Anybody with any sense should realize how damn tasteless it is to joke about somebody's dead parent... THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY F%CKIN NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS..I don't care if the guy is an asshole. At least I thought so. but we do live in a weird land nowadays, where you are only judged by your political standing.
This is South Park and they are known for this kind of stuff so i'm not shocked. Regardless, it's still really tasteless.

ClanPsi1389d ago

I know, right? Why do people keep talking about Single Japanese Women? Clearly Kanye is a male.

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Relientk77389d ago

Kayne West likes fish sticks in his mouth

RememberThe357389d ago

But he's he's not a gay fish!

babadivad389d ago

That was funny, this joke isn't. It's just mean.

-Foxtrot391d ago

Yet all the arse hole like things Kayne West has done... "Meh don't worry about it"

aksmashh389d ago

He's not exactly a mass murder, rapist etc

I like South Park but this is a bit harsh

-Foxtrot389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Oh all the things they've done, said and written...yet this is where you've drawn the line


Lamboomington389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

And that makes it okay ? Address the point that the article made. Do you think it's crossing the line to use Kanye's dead mother as a joke for south park ?

Personally, I find it downright distasteful. This is a subjective thing, and in this case, I think it's just plain distasteful. Disappointed at the comments section on n4g again.

-Foxtrot389d ago

Not really, I think it falls in line with all their other twisted humour

So lets get this straight you're fine with...

Cartman feeds Scott Tenorman his own parents

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rape Indiana Jones

Woodland Critter Christmas...says it all

The With Apologies To Jesse Jackson episode where they said the N word 43 times

Crack Babies

Bloody Mary

Super Best Friends with Muhammad

Paris Hilton being swallowed by Mr Slaves ass

Depiction of Steve Irwin

Post Paris Attacks - Mr Garrison and Syrian refugees...problem solved by "f***** them all to death"

I could go on

LastCenturyRob389d ago

Free speech is free speech..Far too many in this country these days are far too offended and beyond "outraged" at literally every little thing they don't agree with.

Gh05t389d ago

So when Kenya releases the game and I dont like it and say its a steaming pile of garbage is the fact that its "About Kenyas Mommy" supposed to mean its off limits?

Hes releasing it publicly, its now up for public scrutiny and South Park is mocking it. It is what they have done and always will do and unless you back others who complain about what they find "subjectively" offensive than you are just being "subjectively" hypocritical.

Link2DaFutcha389d ago

Do you think it is equally crossing the line for a high profile celebrity to try and release a for profit game exploiting the death of their mother for gain? I don't think south park would have cared if Kanye weren't trying to release a mobile game of guiding his mother to heaven. If he had just mourned and not tried to profit off of it then it wouldn't be touched. South Park is making more fun of the game than Kanye, and he deserves every bit of it for trying to exploit his now deceased family to make a buck

InTheZoneAC389d ago

You really need to look at yourself and understand why you're not understanding the entirety of the situation and yet still complain about it.

KwietStorm389d ago

What's to be disappointed about? It's n4g like you said. Keep your expectations in check.

Lamboomington389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

I do find some of those distasteful, as I do some other cases in South Park (although I don't know all of them because I don't watch South Park a lot). If you're saying the author is being hypocritical, then that's what you should have said. I have no problem with people saying "South Park is just like this".

Also, as a side note (genuinely out of curiousity, not trying to be smug or make any point or anything). Do you think Pewdiepie crossed the line with his "Death to all Jews" joke ? Do you think he crossed the line when he used the word "Nigger" as a generic insult ? Personally, I think no in the first case, yes in the second.

Sure, that's fine. It's about not pissing off your audience, that's it. In this case, the author got pissed off because, for him, it crossed the line. That's it. You're free to disagree.

"Do you think it is equally crossing the line for a high profile celebrity to try and release a for profit game exploiting the death of their mother for gain? I don't think south park would have cared if Kanye weren't trying to release a mobile game of guiding his mother to heaven."

Sure I think that's distasteful too, but not in the same way that South Park's representation is. I think it's distasteful what they're doing here, but that's just my opinion.

Septic389d ago

It is subjective you're right. For me even in this case it operates as social commentary. I see the case for both sides of the argument.

Why o why389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Yeah. . I'm with Gaz. It's not cut and dry. People who have lost loved ones could feel differently than others. . It seems if anything offends someone they're a sjw. . The weird irony of using the term is that the user is doing the same thing for lesser reasons. . Complaining. The term is getting blurred and being used and abused in the wrong context too frequently. I've seen people use the term to justify complaints against racism and paedophilia. . .this case isn't offensive to me personally even though I've lost a parent but I can see why some would view this as offensive.

We're not robots. Some people can be offended by some things and not others. It's like free speech is only just if you're not complaining.

LightofDarkness388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Why o Why = Nail on head.

SJW is a jibe/caricature for people who campaign for social justice, more correctly referred to as Civil Rights Campaigners. Taking offence to the specific targeting of a person's dead relative as a punchline falls more under the umbrella of public decency.

The misuse of SJW seems to speak to the intelligence of the average person who slings that term around, to be fair. As soon as I see it I know that the comment isn't going to be particularly illuminating in any respect, most likely a bunch of regurgitated conspiracy theories passed off as original though.

However, what this author and many others are neglecting is that this is not poking fun at Kanye's lost loved ones and his grief, but rather his attempts to cash in on an apparent personal tragedy by making a game in which you guide his mother to heaven. This does not strike me as a man stricken with grief, but rather a man who will literally market any facet of his life for monetary gain, including dead loved ones. This is deserving of mockery, personally, and it seems he agrees by the transitive property of equality.